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fooling around only

Need to practice:

  • inserting media files
Message pad with pen.jpg
  • italics and bold
Racking brains about what kind of open resource to make - am full up with prep for next week's workshop and the many rehearsals between now and the weekend. I will not take on something too ambitious and interactive, but feel shame about just putting up something simple. I definitely will not advertise this if so as one of the common negatives we discuss about the internet is all the low quality 'free' content you need to wade through to connect with something useful or inspirational.
Just put up some links and resources about something to do with one of our topics for teaching and learning. How about repositories of learning resources , which we are just now considering. A page with some links and perhaps copies of free reources on this subject.
Hmm I think that will be a start.
Good, now I can complete my performance contract for the course. Yippee!!!
  • signing contract

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  • finding out where to find those pesky little breaks for my image insert codes
  • creating a new page (like this one, but have forgotten how)

  • finding out how to sign my page. this one mystifies me - perhaps I will ask on google, but last night google wouldnt let me put in text as it did not recognise my membership
  • try google groups again
  • open OER page - hmm wonder about a dynamic image of a tandl repository. A bit of a challenge
  • print out yet another copy of wikisyntax sheets
  • pipes have found this character but need to practice usage! sift backslash |||

eg the local Alice Desert festivalUh oh I forgot about the fascist wiki approach making external links almost impossible for ignorant newcomers (keep it in the family, wiki)

  • links

eg the local Alice desert festival but how do I lose "alice desert?" (never usually use double commas like this). Anyway, see what it looks edit

    • 'intrawiki links'

eg Wiktionery - can get it to look right, but the actual link doesnt go anywhere except to a new blan page...confused!! bush Ah ha! spelling! got it now, maybe How about bush, but that's an external link and there's supposed to be some shortcut for internal link. hmm dont get it yet. So,I can get it to the top of the page but not further down into the 'sections'.