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                         Save All 100% of the Energy

Top-Lift Upper Drift (TLUD)

The enviroment is very important to us therefore we should keep it clean!.We should what we can so that we can make it stay health for us and for our children or grandchildren or greatgrandchildren at what ever stage we are at as aparent its our future otherwise will perish without a name to remember. As an IT underhraduate am prompted to do my Masters in Enviroment since i have to do somthing to secure our enviroment mainly my motherland Uganda where trees are cut down at a rate like they are picking at peanuts on a plate, and the globae atlarge.

What TLUD Does

TLUD Machine is one the ways to do these. Africa has four major respiratory killing diseases . One of the main cause of these disease is smoke.

Smoke is very bad especially in ahome thoough pople dont realise it. Unlike the Western homes which use modern cooking technology with the high research there,African homes still use the local stoves which bring alot of smoke , worse stll using firewood which we always have to blow up with our mouth to fireup everytime with too much being taken in.

If one is blessed with some money to buy charcoal evry week expensively , to reduce the rate. However when charcoal is made 70% of the energy is lost left behind during the burning process of wood into charcoal. Therefore when charcoal is bought and used for cooking we are using only 30% of the energy these will lead to more trees cut down more energy lost yet it can be saved

These is where the TLUD stove will help. With TLUD one can use all the 100% energy in the home both the 70% and 30% energy.More great news with it you can make your own charoal very simply no hard work needed!


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