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My Favourite Sesame Street Characters

Some Sesame Street Characters

'Kermity Frog'

Kermit The Frog, the little green dynamo is intelligent and multi-talented. He has his own news magazine programme, he hosts shows and pageants, he sings and dances. Kermit can be quite patient, but he has been known to lose his temper in front of the camera.

'Z Count'

I love The Count because I love to count things too! Ah! Ah! Ah! But many feel he is a nuisance because -

  • he counts everything in sight, which might impede one's progress
  • he wears that ridiculous cape, which is so 200 years ago!

Personally, I think his eccentricity is quite charming.

Characters that Drive Me Nuts!

  1. Telly Monster
    • Telly tends to be negative and defeatist - 'Awww. I can't do it.'
  2. Elmo
    • Elmo is waaay too hyper and intense.
  3. Forgetful Jones
    • So frustrating because he doesn't remember anything from one minute to the next.

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