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Professional Background



Saint Ignatius Primary school,Baptist School for Adult an Continuing

 Education,University of Belize Belmopan

My Interests

  1. Reading,
  2. writing
  3. singing
  4. swimming
  5. teaching


What I intend to do in my professional background is to become a Primary School teacher


I enjoy been around children and helping others in need also I enjoy looking at the sunset and unwinding after a long day with my children.I am not a party person so for recreation I play softball with my kids at home in our yard.



My Projects

  • I intend to take the knowledge that I am now gaining from this instructional technology class.
  • And will use it to impact the lives of my students.
  • I already see the need for IT in my classroom.
  • I also intend to equip myself with the necessary materials.
  • That way I can be productive in the classroom

My Sandbox


Janet's sandbox

weekly scheme

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My Reflection

My thoughts at first about "IT" was one of "This will be boring and I thought that it would have been a way of just getting a grade, and that would have brought me closer to finishing my associates degree in primary education" Now that I have been exposed to this course and its different uses I have come to appreciate the knowledge that I've gained.There is a phrase that I love it says " Without knowledge people or nation perish" and have found this to be true. I find that before I was ignorant about IT and find that I thirst more now for knowledge that entails IT why because I learn new things, things that has equipped me not only for the classroom but also for my everyday life.Since I have been enrolled in this course I have no regrets and only wish that this courses would have been longer for me to know more about IT.