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Isaac Sagala currently works with the Internews Network as a Media Resource Center Trainer in Eldoret. He initially started out as a computer programmer, but found his passion in radio. He has several years experience in broadcast media, starting as a novice in a community radio station and gaining experience in 3 countries as a radio professional. He has experience in presenting, production and new media journalism.

For fun

Sagala watches people and birds for fun, corresponds for a European national broadcaster and runs a blog Pages of Sagala. He believes in eating life with a big spoon, and his mantra is ' walk softly, but with a big stick.'( Chinese proverb ). Sagala abhors people who want to be the next so and so....and believes people should strive at being the first 'themselves', just as he is the very first Isaac Sagala.

Radio years

Starting out at Ghetto FM Sagala honed his skills from the basics under the watchful eyes of a veteran Kenyan radio personality, he rose to the rank of Station Team leader, he later moved to South Sudan where he worked with Radio Nhoomlau 88.0. Sagala came back to Kenya and rejoined Ghetto FM in an advisory capacity. He moved to the Netherlands for a brief training stint at the Radio Netherlands Training Center, where he was under the tutelage of radio veterans like Ginger da Silva,Fons Peters, Terry Purvis and Wim Rosing among others.

His experience revolves around:

  • Recovering, post conflict environment where he has done humanitarian journalism in Sudan
  • Europe, where he has been trained at the very heart of radio innovation

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Radio years