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I am learning a lot on this workshop and I am also thinking it will make my life easier when I am working with community radio stations because most of the time when we train the stations - we normally have a face to face interactions and most of the time we work with stations that are far away from us and it is not always possible to visit them on a regular basis.

Our Work with Community Radio Stations

We do not only provide a once off training we also have to do follow ups in terms of:

  • Telephonic Support
  • Guiding them in producing programs
  • Developing a brief for radio programs or producer's guide
  • Guiding them on selecting appropriate guests for their radio programs
and a whole lot more

an example of a brief or producer's guide for a radio program would be like this - File:ARVs.odt

How the Wiki will help my Projects

It will provide a platform for easier learning, guidance and communication.

.... to be continued ....


At NFM radio studios in Okiep
Training in Okiep

a radio pic taken from the wiki