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I am Buddy Bump and I am creating this account/page for my CIS2. I am studying Materials Engineering at Cal Poly SLO, and I was just accepted into the 4+1 program at my school which means that I will be trying to get my Master's in Engineering. I look forward to becoming a member of this community as learning and teaching have always been a passion of mine.

Project Plan So far... Many original posts have been made on the discussion page regarding what needs to be done. A facebook group has been made to help facilitate collaboration. I am a part of this. A google doc has been created to facilitate group writing. I am not a part of this. I posted a link to the wikieducator page on the facebook group. Lack of access to my group at this point makes it difficult to say what else has been going on.

I am thinking about heading up a research arm regarding the affect of the modern GPS system on agriculture.