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Contact-new.svg Bron Stuckey
Employer:Innovative Educational Ideas
Occupation:Educational and community development consultant, educational technologist

Dr Bronwyn Stuckey: Postdoctoral Research Fellow and International Liaison with the educational virtual world Quest Atlantis (QA) and educational consultant in online communities of practice I am a postdoctoral fellow in the Quest Atlantis team and work to develop community attributes on the program. In general my research over the past eight years centered on building Internet-mediated communities and the attendant areas of social network analysis, discourse analysis and identity. I bring this expertise to my implementation and research work in the QA team. My recent work in Quest Atlantis has been in teacher professional development and in reaching and liaising with schools and teachers in networks outside and across the USA. To that end I have been exploring in-world professional development strategies, both formal and informal, as modes for continuing teacher education. I have also focused on aspects of student community building through student outreach and community roles.

My applied research interests in QA lay in employing social network analysis to determine the value of and the factors that facilitate and sustain close and weak ties in global 3D multi-user environments like Quest Atlantis. I am in the very lucky position of being able to do this global work from my home in Sydney, Australia.

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