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British Literature: The Anglo-Saxon Period

Using your British Literature textbook and notes, you are to write a summary of a section that has been given you.

Write your summary directly on here and indicate your name and provide section heading.

1. Exploring Historical Period
2. Anglo-Saxon Literary Events: See timeline
3. Anglo-Saxon Cultural/Historical Events: See timeline
4. Celtic Heroes and Heroines
5. Romans: Great Administrators
6. Anglo-Saxons Sweep Ashore
7. Women in Anglo-Saxon Culture
8. Anglo-Saxon Life: Warm Hall, Cold World
9. Anglo-Saxon Religion
10. Bards Singing of Gods and Heroes
11. Light from Ireland
12. Christian Monasteries
The following will need outside sources.
13. Brief biography of King Alfred
14. Brief biography of King Arthur
15. Summary of Druids
16. Summary of Sutton Hoo
17. Brief biography of the Venerable Bede