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This is a sandbox. A sandbox is a place to try things out. Is this true for Wikis too? 
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Insert a photo? I'll have to ask for help with that one.Ok I just consulted the Help file.

Ok, I lost my last practice session because I didn't click Save - one of the first laws of wikis: Edit; Save!

What will I try?

  • Use my project on the Solar System.
  • Set up a wiki with an introductory page about why we would want to move to a new planet.
  • Have a page for each planet.
  • Learners have to research one of the planets and record whether it will sustain human life.
  • If we cannot find a new planet to more to, what must we do to help preserve this one?

Uploading photos remains a mystery.... Oh but I am learning..... 

But here is my external link. It's rather like the link above to my two blogs. I've discovered it's a skill I have already transferred from other experiences.
The first South African team to win ThinkQuest Under 12.

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Brenda hallowes.jpg