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My childhood story

I grew up in a small village called Bukalo, in the north-eastern part of Namibia. Those who saw me growing up claim I was very naughty. Apparently I constantly provoked my older into fighting me but ended up losing the fights at all times.

I attended my Primary school there, and later moved to a mission school in Katima Mulilo, St Kizito College. There I had a lot of fun. I miss those days really. The school is about 20km away from town, located very close to the river. I lived in the hostel and could only be releases once a month, one afternoon only to go visit parents and return. Our supervisors were the catholic nuns, most of them were from Poland. Shuu! we troubled those nuns. They had strict rules but we always had witty plans to sneak out of the hostel.

One day...

My village picture
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