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Contact Information

I am a research scientist working with CSIR-Crops Research Institutecropsresearch website based in Kumasi Ghana in West Africa. My Institute is a governmented subvented one and is the largest among the thirteen (13) under the council.We work on some mandated crops namely, maize, rice, cowpea,plantain, groundnuts,casaava and many other crops.

About Myself

I am a PhD holder. I had both my first and second degrees from University of Cape Coast in Ghana. My PhD training programe was at International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE), Kenya. My area of specialization is Entomology with special emphasis on plant protection.

Research Interest

My research interest lies in Integrated Pests Management Approach and Biological control.I will be willing to collaborate and share knowledge in this area of research with anyone. The idea here is to use control options or strategies that are more environmentally friendly, compartible with other control options as well as taking into account the cost-benefit analysis.

Research work

I have contributed in my area by publishing about 13 scientific journals in the area of Biological control of maze using parasitoids,Soil arthropod pest management in groundnut production and a field guide to citrus production in Ghana.


My hobbies are

  • browsing on the net,
  • Football and
  • listening to good music

Impact of Deforestation and Agriculural Practices on Aquatic Ecosystems:Objective and specific objectives

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