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The Plan

wow its been a hectic year,eventful to say the least.I have learnt and discovered a lot in my social and professional i am here embarking on a short course tilted Web 2.0,its amazing how much you can learn the old adage that you never cease to learn is indeed in order.

I have always had a burning desire to make a difference within my community and i suppose this training workshop could not have come at a better time.This opportunity will undoubtedly unleash my worth in terms of positive contribution towards a better life for my community for my fellow country men for a better more prosperous Zimbabwe

The solution

I suppose sustainable development is a real solution to the addressing the various socio-economic issues that Zimbabwe is facing today and ICT's are the very vehicle that can champion such development as such web 2.0 is invaluable in terms of facilitating development.

The majority of zimbabweans live in rural areas and base their livelihood on subsistence farming due to the prevailing soco- economic conditions the rural folk has been faced by a plathora of challenges which include shortage of resources that enhance

Road Map