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My name is Boe Lahui. I am from Hanuabada village in the National Capital District. Hanuabada village is known as the 'big village'. It is a ten minutes drive from the dowtown Port Moresby city centre.

I've attained the following qualifications from these different educational institutions:

  1. University of Papua New Guinea with a Bachelor of Education
  2. University of New England, Australia with a Master of Educational Administration with Honours
  3. Papua New Guinea University of Technology with a Graduate Certificate in Communication of Science and Technology.

Currently, I work at the University of Papua New Guinea Open College as a Course Writer in Education. My specialization is in Educational Administration. My main research areas are in the principalship and school leadership. I would like to share with other WikiEducator users in sharing ideas in those areas of interest.

One of the things I feel I have yet to master in life is the use of different computer softwares to enhance my work as a course writer, especially with text processing. With the knowledge and skills gained from this workshop WikiEducator OER Workshop, I hope to gain invaluable experience in presenting course materials on line and share with other educators from around the world ideas in enhancing teaching and learning performances of educators in all levels of the education system.