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It is a lovely day for cricket, the match is going to start. Ilove red Roses and white Carnations.

Molly is a "lifelong" long friend and confidant

  • =Course 204=
  • ==Care of the Elderly==

  • ===Topic Sociological Needs===
  • =Chapter 6=


Johnny had an apple on a stick,I wish I had one too
  • If I get an apple on a stick I'll share it all with you.
  • If you meet me after school at the candy store, I'll buy the biggest apple on a stick you ever saw befor

visit the [http://SKNVibes Localnewspaper}website Message pad with pen.jpg

"This is my first thumbnail"
"This is me at the Wikieducator workshop at C.F.B.C SKB"

{{Objectives|My objectives will go here

  • Complete forms
  • Read a paragraph

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  • Administer oral medication
  • Perform oral care

Template:Medial assessment

  • Oral examination
  • Written quizz

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  • Manual of clinical instructions
  • Medical /Surgical Nursing