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Kyela FM Radio


The difficulties to gain access to information and communication in rural Tanzania are well known. Most radio and TV broadcasts are transmitted from Dar-es-Salaam city, and barely reach the Kyela district, which is about 1 000 km south, near the Malawi border. Newspapers are printed in Dar es-Salaam, reaching Kyela with significant delays. In Kyela, a week-old newspaper attracts enough attention.


The direct beneficiaries of the project will be community-based groups from areas that have not benefited from national communications structures. Special attention will be paid to the underprivileged, physically challenged, women and the youth. The main user groups of the services will be:

  • The Local Administration,
  • The Hospital and Heath centres,
  • Schools – both primary and secondary schools,
  • Agricultural Extension Services,
  • The general public,
  • Development agencies and NGOs and
  • Outreach and distance learning institutions.

The radio will serve as vital platform for debate on development, health, education, governance, environment and human rights at the local level, as well as for the preservation and promotion of local culture and indigenous knowledge.


  • Fully operational KBC-Community Initiative services centre, comprising a community radio station and the telecentre,
  • Increased access to affordable radio and ICT-based information and communication services in education facilities,
  • Increased access to affordable radio and ICT-based information and communication services to medical information including telemedicine; maternal health and child upbringing,
  • Vibrant information based local economy,
  • New radio and ICT based local income generating trades and skills,
  • Usage of local, national radio programs,
  • Increased skills in the use of ICT based information services through affordable computer training,
  • Etc.