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Development Services Division (DVS)is in charge of infrastructure development projects and placement of students in government secondary schools in the country. The Division is also in charge of maintanance of the same inftrastructure (buildings and equipment) in the schools. The Division is headed by Mr. Monare B. Lechiile and comprises of 4 staff members, including Head of ICT Section.

Yes, i work in Ministry of Education & Skills Development (MoESD),Botswana, as education officer in charge if ICT development projects in the Department of Secondary Education (DSE). I serve as ICT Coordinator for DSE as well as Head of ICT Section of the Development Services Division (DVS) in DSE and in charge of the all the infrastracture development projects in DSE, including ICT. Rightfully so,ICT came in an emerging issue within DSE developments. Please see more details about MoESD and DSE in MoESD webpage.