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Gerald Durrell Endemic Wildlife Sanctuary (GDEWS)

The GDEWS provide facilities for the breeding and hand rearing of endangered bird species for ultimate re-introduction. This facility started with the captive breeding of the Mauritius kestrel and Pink Pigeon which has been phased out. At present it is being used for the Echo parakeet and Mauritius Fody species recovery projects, and in the future the same techniques will be extended to Olive white eye. The facilities at the Durrell Wildlife Bird Sanctuary were upgraded in 2004 to strengthen the recovery programs for our endemic bird species.

Bird species :

  1. Pink Pigeon / Pigeon Des Mares
  2. Kestrel / Crecerelle
  3. Echo Parakeet / Gros Cateau Vert
  4. Mauritian Fody / Cardinal De Maurice
  5. Mauritius Cuckoo-Shrike / Merle Cuisinier
  6. Mauritius Black Bulbul / Merle
  7. Mascarene Paradise Flycatcher / Coq Des Bois
  8. Mauritius Grey White-Eye / Pic Pic
  9. Mauritius Olive White-Eye / Zoiseau Lunettes


  • Mauritian Fruit bat
  • Rodrigues Fruit bat

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