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My experience with Web2.0

The Web2.0 learning opportunity is opening a whole new chapter in my interaction with the web. :I am beginning to appreciate how I can use the web to interact and share information with a whole lot of people around the world. :I believe I can now use this to open more channels for sharing information of what the Botswana Delegation of the European Union is doing and get feedback from the various consumers of that information.

My new classmates After a very long time, I am finding myself in a place where i hardly know anybody except one or two. For the first day, it was difficult but I am now beginning to enjoy their company and I am sure I will make a few friends. Obviously these are people I may not meet everyday as we do different things but I am sure we can both learn a lot from each other going forward.

I must have switched off Yesterday I made a fool of myself, putting diesel in my car, thus letting myself get grounded for a few more days as I wait to get it fixed. I suspect I am a bit tired and my brain could have switched off a bit.

I think it will help if I go to buy some fruits amongst them

  • mangoes,
  • bananas,
  • squash,
  • kiwi,
  • strawberries
  • oranges

In addition, I am gonna buy am few other stuff such as

  1. sugar
  2. soap
  3. water
  4. juice
  5. lemon