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I am a Tanzanian by nationality living at Dar es Salaam city. I am a single guy who is looking for a good and innocent girl who l can marry. I am from a chagga ethnic group which is found in the northern region of Tanzania specifically in Kilimanjaro region. In this region is where the highest mountain in Africa is found and that is mount Kilimanjaro. [Image: MWANJO 2.jpg |centre|250px|thumb|Mount LKilimanjaro view]]


  • I am a degree holder whereby am holding The Bachelor of Arts in Tourism and Cultural Heritage. I Pursued my degree at the University of Dododma which if found in Dodoma region that is in central part of Tanzania.
  • I am looking for the job which i can pursue so that l can accomplish my goals of my future.

[Image: MWANJO 2.jpg |centre|250px|thumb|Mount LKilimanjaro view]]


  1. Basing on my hobby am so interesting in R&B music as well as football.Barcelona is my Favorite football club whereby R Kelly is my favourate musician.