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my name is Benno i'm 16 years old and

i'm a student at the gisela- gymansium (secondary school) in munich


Ein Elch springt hoch ,
Ein Elch springt weit ,
Warum auch nicht er hat doch zeit

x(t)=x0 +vt

[math]\Delta x[/math]=v [math]\Delta t[/math]

v=[math]\frac x t[/math]

v=[math]\frac {x_1-x_0}{\Delta t}[/math]




Arbeitsauftrag 19. 10 .07

1.7 Hürdensprung

x Ort
1) X(10s) = 4m/s x 10s X = 40m

2) X = 40m +(-2,0 m/s) x 10s X = 20m

3) X = 20m +(0 m/s) x 5s X = 20m

4) X = 20m +(1 m/s) x 5s X = 25m

5) X = 25m +(2 m/s) x 5s X = 35m

6) X = 35m +(4 m/s) x 10s X = 75m

7) X = 75m +(0 m/s) x 5s X = 75m

Antwort:Helena legt auf ihrem Pferd, insgesamt 75 meter zurück

Schön, dass Sie an der Lösung dieser Aufgabe gearbeitet haben!--White Eagle 12:07, 22 October 2007 (CEST)




Exercise 1.9: Reverse Gear

Calculate the ideal movement from the picture below of the t-x diagram,which we can imagine to continue as long as we want to.

a) vehicle speed
b) the coordinate x(1)of the position,which the vehicle has at the time t(1)=2min53s
c) the time t(2), on which it is at the position with the coordinate x(2)= -6,2km

It is essential: Start at 168m, x=0 after 12,5s
Horizontal axis: time in 2, Orthographic axis in m



Exercise 1.10 Catch Up!

A lorry drives on a straight road with the constant speed v(1)=45m/s from the position with the coordinate 47,7 km on.