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My profile


MY PROFILE: .....I am Fatmatta Beatrice Varaha-Adeyemo (nee Camara), middle-aged, a Sierra Leonean, married, with one adult son. I live at Jui, near Freetown. I have had about twenty-two years teaching experience--one at the primary school level, nine at the secondary school, and eleven at the University of Sierra Leone-- Fourah Bay College. In the Division of Educational Studies department where I work, I teach the following modules:

  • Education and Development;
  • Philosophy of Education;
  • French Methodology;
  • Early Childhood Care and Education;
  • Language and Communication;
  • Micro-Teaching.
                 I have an M.A. in EDUCATION IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES (Planning, Management and Curriculum); from the University of London--1986.    

My interests

I'm interested in:

  • DISTANCE TEACHING.[In particular, the potentials of Distance Education in Sierra Leone.]

My Website, blog and contact particulars

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