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Introduction to Gender and Technology



To provide a basic understanding of gender in technology

Target audience

Undergraduates in engineering and social sciences

Course Team

Dileepa Witharana
Vivimarie V Medawattegedera
Radhika de Silva
Nandanie Herath

Course contents

Gender and sex: A basic understanding of the distinction between sex and gender is vital for this course. The article Difference between sex and genderprovides you with a better understanding. The article five sexes illustrates complex dimensions of sexual differences that strengthen gender biases in societies.

Gender issues in technology: There is an emerging realization that there is a gender bias at every stage of technological development and use. The following material aims to discuss some of the issues related to gender bias in different global contexts and technological sectors.
1. Gender Disparity in Third World Technological, Social, and Economic Development
2. Gender and Information and Communication Technology: Towardsan Analytical Framework

With the mechanization of agriculture i.e. bringing in machines to do what was done by manual labour previously - whom do you think is most affected? Give reasons for your answer

Gender mainstreaming in technology: There are initiatives worldwide to address concerns of gender-biasing in technology. These initiatives, however, still remain as marginal initiatives with no proper recognition in the mainstream. Resources below shows sectoral initiatives in mainstreaming gender.
Video - Promote gender equality and empower womenEmpowering women