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The University of Papua New Guinea Open College

My name is Benjamin Cheong. I work at the University of Papua New Guinea as an Instructional Designer. My area of interest is in instructional technologies using ICT, especially online learning and the use of Learning Management Systems.

At present our course authoring in done by selected contents experts whose names appear as course authors on the materials but with the University of Papua New Guinea holding copyright over these materials.

The move from Closed to Open Authoring is a great opportunity for a country like ours because it will allow us to have access to Open content which will be readily accessible.

The cost of internet communication services and products currently on offer at my country is by comparison quite high for the average Papua New Guinean and this may be a constraint to progress in this area. This will soon be overcome however, as recently steps have been taken by our University and the government to bring in Broadband internet access.

The concept being new and exciting for me, will surely be the case for my other collegues at the University of Papua New Guinea.

I am very keen to be kept informed about new developments in and around member countries in this area and will be more than happy to share our experiences with other members.

My contact details are:

   University of Papua New Guinea
   P.O. Box 320
   University Post Office
   National Capital District
   Phone: 326 7116email:

Many Thanks

Benjamin Cheong Instructional Designer