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At the end of this lesson students will be able to:
  • Insert Graphics within a word document in the form of graphic links
  • Create Target, Absolute & Relative Hyperlinks
  • Create basic text hyperlinks within a document

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Below are the definitions of unfamiliar words:
  • Absolute hyperlinks - links that connects to a document or website outside of the existing page, document or site
  • Relative hyperlinks - links created within the same site however,from page to page
  • Target hyperlink - links created within the same page example back to the top

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Read pages 345 - 357 on Creating web links

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open your word processing document and create three blank word documents color coding them using red, green, and aqua blue colors. Save the file according to its color. On your standard bar, click the hyperlink button or go to your menu bar and select insert hyperlink. Browse for the file you want to link in this case we will do a relative hyperlink that goes from the red file that will be your home page to the green file which will be your connecting page. Create a link from the green back to the homepage which is the red file. What we are doing is creating a navigation system for the user inoder for them to freely move around your website going from page to page. Create absolute hyperlink to your favotite educational website and a final target hyperlink back to the top. Save and place in your assignment drop box.