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How to control blushing? Ayelet Seidner



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My topic is “how to control blushing?” I chose this topic because I think it’s important for everyone. Blushing is a popular phenomenon which most of us experience sometimes. Some people relate to their blush as trouble and don’t want it. They always worry about what others will say about their blush. Others think that blushing is a beautiful experience and it makes the person cute. There are people who also like to put on a blush make up, what seems to be nice pink cheeks. We all blush sometimes and I think everyone would be happy if he or she knew how to control it. It could be interesting to discover what we can do to avoid it or hide the blush, to check if it is possible at all or not and to find out some tips.

Information about “blushing” Before I begin checking if it is even possible to hide blushing, I want to find more background information about “blushing”.

What is blush? A blush is when someone’s face skin suddenly becomes red because of his feeling.

Why do people blush? Blushing is a very natural thing and it happens to everyone in different cases. People blush when they are embarrassed, out of modesty, or ashamed. When you are blushing your feelings are disclosed and everyone can detect it. Some people claim that in the evolution the blush was an advantage because people could detect when their friends was lying. An embarrassing moment, a mistake, or even a strange thought can trigger people to blush. Blushing happens according to the person's sensitivity. If the person is too sensitive to what others say, he will become red more than others. Babies, for example, who have no idea of others opinions, do not blush at all. People blush also when they think they are seen in a negative light. For example, when two people sit together to watch a video which shows one of them singing, the face of the person who was recorded singing may get red. What people think about blushing? Some people find blushing to be attractive, but most people who experienced “blushing”, feel very embarrassed and hate these moments. Annoying people will think it is funny, but many others will understand. There are many people who won’t notice that you are blushing because everyone thinks of what he or she is doing.

Blushers quotations In a short search on the internet you can find many complaints and requests for help in order to hide blushing: “I always get blush red when I feel uncomfortable or shy with new friends...” “My dad recommended a book "I can and I will" and he got over his blushing- so it can be done” Rachel. “I'm in high school and I am extremely shy and even blush on the phone! I just wanted to let you know that you're not the only one out there.” “I’m only 14, I loved to sing in front of people, but now I can’t even sing in front of my mom without blushing and I hate it because I love to sing!”

Steps to control blushing First of all prevent blushing. Find out when you blush - does it happen when you are angry, or when you are nervous? Does it happen when you look at someone? does it happen when you are everyone looks at you? Don't try to avoid what makes you blush, but realize that there are no reasons to blush when it happens. Remember that blushing is completely normal. It is quite difficult to control a blush once it begins because we are all human. However there are things a person can do to minimize blushing and control any situation when blushing happens. If you are too shy to prevent blushing, hide it. If you can't fade your blush, or you know you are going to blush soon, try to cover it up. If your hair is long, you can put it around your face. Put your head in your hands if you are near a table. Change your position, or place so your face will be away from everyone. Look through papers; search through a bag, anything to turn your face away is a great way to hide your flushing face. Try to hide, but don’t try too hard, because if you will move a lot, more people will notice your facial flush! When you do blush, you can hide it quickly by relaxing your muscles (shoulders and neck) and thinking of other things. A smile is also a good way to fade a blush. Stress allows blushing to grow. You can’t be absolutly in control when you begin to get red, but you can prevent your face from becoming a cherry tomato. You can practice by trying to blush in front of a mirror and relaxing your shoulders. Breathe deeply. Stop caring, mamy people think that blushing is cute or don't notice it. If you stop caring about your red moments, you will have less of them. If you learn to be more relaxed and care less about what people think of your blushing, you won't worry about it anymore, and there will be less reason to blush. Besides, people probably will notice it much less than you think. You should accept it. If you are talking to someone and it happens, just say it and move on. People will see that you are comfortable altought you are blushing and they won’t laugh at you. Remember, if you were perfect, you would be God! Turn the blushing to a game. Try to see how red you can make yourself, and you will start to see that you becoming less and less red. Blushing shouldn't be too much of a problem if you keep a serious face if you're angry or a big smile any other time. Get an older friend of the opposite sex to say things that make you blush until you can deal with it. If all else fails, forget everything else and remember some people think blushing is cute. Even the most masculine men go weak at the knees when they see a girl blush. If worse become worst, go to the nearest bathroom, or kitchen and put a cold cloth on your face, an air conditioner will also do the trick. Do as many social things as it possible. Try to feel comfortable when you are around people, than you will blush less. Get a tan and your red face will look less like tomatos.

Self hypnosis can avoid blushing

Self – hypnosis can be used as solution to the blush problem. You have to relax yourself and than imagine the blushing feeling and become calm with it. You can imagine how you would feel if someone was blushing near you and than, when you are blushing remember these thoughts and see that it’s not such a big deal. This technique could help you overcome your blush or to stop it.

Don’t do: • Don’t try to hide your blushing too much, because it just will make it worse. • Don’t give up. If you blush and begin to get nervous it is like you gave up. Life is about taking risks. You will lose many things if you will allow this to control your life. • Don't be bad to yourself, changing your habits isn't easy. • Don’t try to hide the blushing with over makeup. If you will know how to do it right and not put up to much make up, maybe it will work, like a magic.

• Don’t feel embarrassed. ”Say to yourself words of encouragement like “this is no big deal”, “I am amazing”. The words you say in your mind will become true.


I think pink cheeks are sweet as a candy, you don’t have to hide it and it happen as a natural response and it’s wonderful. I know sometimes the blush is not only pink cheeks and it could be also a cooked tomato look, but if you will relax, smile, tell a funny joke of your very red face, it can only get better. The truth is that the blushing cannot be controlled. You can’t avoid it absolutely, and you really don’t have to. It can happen, no matter what you do and it can be unpleasant, but hey – people who know you and like you, won’t judge you less because you blush. Who knows, maybe someone will get a crush on you just because you blush and to their opinion it is attractive. Maybe the fact that you are not the only blusher will make you calmer. People with a dark skin have an advantage over people with pale skin because their blush is less seen.

In the past, people thought that blushing was charming and sweet. The guys believed that it showed that the lady was cute and innocent and had a crush on them. Maybe your blush is just because you think negatively; maybe the person near you likes it. Guys, what do you think; is it still attractive? From the girls among us, what do you understand when the guy who is talking to you blushes? I think it is sweet and cuddly and I can understand the blusher helplessness and even identify with it. So don’t be embarrassed about your blush, it is not that bad and maybe it’s just the opposite. If “blushing” is still a problem in your opinion, you can always follow the tips. Good luck.

My Feedback to the work

I liked to do the work. I enjoyed researching on blushing and finding nice tips. It was interesting to read about people’s blushing problems and learn about this subject. The work was fun and enriching for me and I hope everyone who will read the work will enjoy it too and will learn things he didn’t know before. If some of the readers have the “pink cheeks problem”, I wish the tips in my work will aid him.


My survey on blushing

1. Mark the answer which you think is correct. Blushing is...

 A disease 0.0%
 Dangerous 0.0%
 Exceptional 5.3%
 A natural response 100.0%

2. Do you blush frequently?

 Yes 54.5%
 No 45.5%

3. How often do you blush?

 Everyday 15.8%
 Sometimes 63.2%
 Once in a long while 21.1%
 Never 0.0%

4. When do you usually blush?

 I don't blush at all 4.3%
 When I am angry 21.7%
 When I feel stupid 39.1%
 When I meet the other gender 43.5%

5. What do you do when you blush?

 I try to hide it / walk away 28.6%
 I say: "Oh, I'm blushing" and smile 47.6%
 I put on makeup before I go out 4.8%
 I don't care 23.8%
  Other: 1. I fidget uncomfortably
            2. I care, but go on

6. Have you ever noticed someone blush?

 Yes 72.2%
 No 11.1%
 I don't remember 16.7%

7. What do you think about blushing?

 It is sweet 69.6%
 It is funny 34.8% 
 It is embarrassed 8.7%
 It is attractive 4.3%

8. Would you put on makeup, to have the blusher look?

 Never 36.8%
 Sure 10.5%
 Sometimes 42.1%
 I won't, but I think it's beautiful for girls 10.5%

9. Which way to control blushing is better, in your opinion?

 Breath slowly and get calm 47.4%
 Imagen your self red and laugh 42.1%
 Self hypnosis 10.5%

10. In your opinion, hiding your face when you blush is a good solution?

 Yes! 10.5%
 No! 31.6%
 It depends on where you are and when 57.9%