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Contact-new.svg Avis Mamau
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Employer:Distance Learning Centres Project (DLCP), C/-MEHRD, Honiara
Occupation:DLC Supervisor
Nationality:Solomon Islander
Country:Solomon Islands
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My Sandbox

This is my Contribution to the L4C1 Workshop - Pamua Mathematics Post


I came from Ulawa Island in the Makira Ulawa Province. I work at the Pamua Distance Learning Centre (DLCP) Distance Learning Centres Project hosted at St. Stephens Community College, Pamua. It’s exciting to see the community being conscious of the technological capability and access at their immediate reach through the work of the DLCP. The community needs more awareness raising of the technological potentials available.


I’m happy to see people learn and do things on their own. I’m not a very technical person. I’m still learning the technical bits of WikiEducator and other online Wikis. I enjoy helping out students wishing to do Distance Learning programmes/courses which is an area of interest as well. I’m sure after completing this WikiEducator workshop I should be able to find myself in a position where I can help others do distance courses/programmes and support them through the WikiEducator.


I work for the Distance Learning Centres Project (DLCP). The project’s goals are to include delivering distance education to support the curriculum, in-school teacher training, TVET, open/flexible learning. In my line of work I assist other people/students wishing to do the above. We’ve been engaged in some small projects collaborating with other schools/partners in other countries overseas.

Link to Pamua DLC Pamua Distance Learning Centre


With the technology and content readily available online, I’m more than sure it will positively impact on the community/school I work in. Sharing my skills/knowledge with my teachers at school would be very helpful and important. Getting connected with other teachers and students in other schools/institutions is also important to enhance the WikiEducator for our common benefit of education of out students.