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Type your profile here .....My name is Pastor Aske Bee Gbla.Iwas born at Petifu Mayawa-Yele Gbonkolenken Chiefdom,Tonkolili District Northern Province.Sierre Leone on June 19 1943.I worked briefly at the Fretown Cold Storage as Marketing Officr.I took up work at the Massnga Leprosy Hospital.In 1970, I went to the Adventist College [now Babcock University],Illisan Remo Nigeria.When I returned ,Iserved s Hospital Chaplain,Departmental Director,Bible Teacher at Peninsula secondary school,Field Secretary and Youth Councellor.

Now I am a Senior Lecturer ,Head of the Sierra Leonan Languages,Team Leader UNICEF/MMCET Reading Program,National Co-Ordinator,The Association  of Language and Literacy Eucators[TALLE-SL],and Master Trainer of Trainers for the teaching of Reading.

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