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Web.20 is a trend that has gripped people all over the world.Recently innovative

individuals have come up with ways to use this technology to help with social development of rural women. This technology has enabled women to connect and share information that thereby assisting  :each other in learning and sharing of valuable in information.
Garden Tulips

=Scales are devices designed to measure cognitive and effective behavior. Cognitive is measured on the individual awareness and knowledge about an object. Effective is measured on individual’s feelings towards an object. A researcher often uses scales when they intend to capture intensity and potency of variable and tends to arrange the responses on a continuum. Scaling produces quantitative measures used to test hypothesis. The Semantic Differential (SD) and Likert Summation scales are both tools for measuring psychological variations and



  1. john
  2. jame
  3. nissi
  4. dre
  5. godwill
  6. hilary
  7. donald
  8. shupi
  9. last
  1. keepers
    1. james
    2. john
  2. strikers
    1. shupi
    2. hilary
  3. Defenders
    1. dre
    2. donald