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My name is Ashraf born 1990 in dar es salaam,Student of university of dar es salaam taking bachelor degree of geography and environmental studies which actually its a nice course.

I like

I like mostly watching football and also playing football which is my favorite sport.
  1. watching football
  2. reading books
  3. watching movies especially wildlife movies

thumb photo of chimpanzee


for more


Participating in community development activities is also one of my favorite as far as development is concerned where as I have been working with NGo's such as Voice of Orphans (VOT)as a chairman when im in advanced level at Mbezi beach high school. Currently working with domestic tourism and environmental based NGo called Tanzania youth environmental Network at university of Dar es salaam as event organizer.


Exchanging ideas with my friends is also the most important to me as far as knowledge is concerned, through discussion face to face or through social networks.

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