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i am strongly infavour of this project . street children have been becoming very negative challange in the lopsided Indian Development Index . Although some of voluntary organization have been already working on this area ,i find no sound out comes from teir attempts so it requres more precise initiations and commitment.however it is very difficult to provide a comprehensive overview qickly of this concerned problem . i try to put the following aims and objectives

-to bring the children, having series of diffculties in their daily life and make learned to deal with life, given situations somehow e- ffectively

-to equip them to stand at the threshold of the main streamed society

-to make sensitive them in their personal affiars and to participate in the affirs of the society and government . So far time limit is conserned i like to put in the coming financal year as well as 11th five year plan[ e.g 2008-2013]