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 My views on Prior Learning:
Prior learning plays a vital role in any field of education. Every course has certain criteria to fulfil entry requirement through which one can analyse that what kind of knowledge and skills a student acquire. Prior knowledge of a student helps him to integrate new learning. Following points are best according to my knowledge for the new entrants:
Skills and knowledge that are expected:
• Team player
• Work in collaborative way
• Patience and enthusiasm
• Relevant knowledge and experience
• Ability to collaborate previous knowledge to present
• Time efficient
• Progressive and Optimist
• Known to digital technologies
• Support learning environment
• Highly cultural competent
• Critical thinking skills
Assessment for whether expected skills and knowledge exists or not:
• Start judging them with short conversations
• Some sort of assessment can be judge from their prior academic qualification
• Develop a sort of questionnaire for checking their level at common basis (may be a questionnaire related to handle different classroom situations) or It could be self-judgement of their own level
Support needed for students who lack expected skills:
• Cultural orientation
• Time management
• Ability to develop positive outlook
• Focus on their digital skills
• Help them to develop understanding
• Enables them to collaborate work with others
• Counselling sessions
• Student support
• Assisting them to work
• Tutoring session
Learning Activities for those who acquire efficient skills:
• Enables them to think at extended level
• Assign some relevant research work
• Focus on the best use of their experience as example
• Providing opportunities to work in interested field