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Learning Outcomes

Introduction to Blogs…

Pedagogical Advantages of Blogs

Technological advantages of Blogs

What research says about the Blogs?

Blogs in Classroom scenario

Examples of Blogging Tools




Microblogging - Twitter

Micro-blogging platform- Cirip

Blogging tool-TypePad

Private micro-blogging platform-Yammer

Educational micro-blogging service-Edmodo

Social engine-Elgg

Social networking platforms- Introduction

Educational implications of Social Networking

Facebook, orkut, Ning


RSS- Google reader


Do’s and Don’ts of Blogs, Bloggetiquettes


Further Reading

Possible answers

 Unit 2.2 - Blogs in Education

Dear learners in previous unit you learned about the learning management system and its various features. These features provide the learner with a virtual classroom environment.

You might have observed that beside the classrooms, learning occurs ‘Out of the classroom environment’ as well. This learning includes peer to peer interaction. In this peer to peer interaction, learners enrich their learning by interacting and discussing with each other. They receive feedback, comments and share knowledge with each other (including the teacher). They also communicate with the teacher to clarify their queries, which were not resolved during classroom. They connect with each other for knowledge sharing, develop collaborative projects and completion of the assignments.

In this unit we will discuss some of the online available tools which help the learning community to perform these tasks on web based platform.

Learning Outcomes:

After going through this unit, you will be able to

  • Discuss importance of blogs in teaching learning process
  • List the different blogging and social networking tools and their features
  • Apply these tools in your teaching learning process


You have read an article on current issue on news paper or went to a country’s biggest museum. Now you wan to share your thoughts on this matter with others and want to know what others are thinking an your views. What you will do …..?

Would you send an e-mail to your connections without knowing there interests or you would share the same in any news paper where the editor will cut short or alter the main thought which you want to share..

Seems to be difficult task !! is it ? Don’t worry you will come to know a free web based platform where you can do all the above activity hassle free and publish your thoughts to the world instantly. Curious to know more about it… ? The plateform is called BLOGS… Before we move further lets watch a video to know more about Blogs

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