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Arthur Dobrin Professor of Humanities School for University Studies Hofstra University Hempstead, NY 11549




2009 Spelling God with Two O’s, Mumbai: Hindi Granth Karyalay (2nd edition, revised and expanded). Business Ethics: The Right Way to Riches, Mumbai: Hindi Granth Karyalay (third printing)

2007 Business Ethics: The Right Way to Riches (reprint of Good for Business)

2006 Good for Business: Ethics in the Marketplace, Mumbai: Hindi Granth Karyalay The Lost Art of Happiness, Mumbai: Hindi Granth Karyalay

2004 Seeing through Africa, Merrick, NY: Cross-Cultural Communications

2003 Religious Ethics: A Sourcebook, Mumbai: Hindi Granth Karyalay

2002 Ethics for Everyone: How to Improve Your Moral Intelligence, New York: John Wiley & Sons, Teaching Right from Wrong: 40 Things You Can Do To Raise a Moral Child, Beijing: CITIC Publishing House (translated into Chinese)

2001 Teaching Right from Wrong: 40 Things You Can Do To Raise a Moral Child, New York: Berkeley Publishing Group

1999 Tea in a Blue Cup, Merrick, NY: Cross-Cultural Communications

1998 Love Your Neighbor: Stories of Values and Virtues, New York: Scholastic, Inc. After Uhuru: Kenya Stories, Merrick, NY: Cross-Cultural Communications Malaika, Nairobi: Jomo Kenyatta Foundation Ethical People and How They Get To Be That Way, New York: Ethica Press/Cross-Cultural Communications


2008 “Angel of Suburbia,” “The Mouth of Rainbows,” and “So Many Possibilities,” LI Sounds Anthology 2004 “My Brother’s Accordion, In a Crocodile Case,” Harmony: Emotional Common Response and Harmony of Human Being through Recitation, 5th World Congress of Poets for Poetry Research and Recitation “Moral Reasoning of Members of Hospital Ethics Committees: A Pilot Study,” Journal of Clinical Ethics, Vol. 15, No. 1

2003 “Teaching Ethics,” Journal of Moral Education Research (in Chinese only)


“Pastoral Counseling,” International Journal of Philosophical Practice, 1:3; 2002 

“Death in a Religious Community,” with Joan Beder, Journal of Pastoral Care & Counseling, Vol. 56, No.3: 233-242. “The Quality of Life: Is Life Always Worth Living?” Forum on Death Education and Counseling, 28: 1, (Jan/Feb. 2002): 9-10.

2001 “Maureen on the Moraine,” Literary Review, Vol. 5 (unpaginated).

“The Self and Confucianism,” Chinese American Forum, XVII (2), October: 33-35.

"Self-determination and Paternalism: Death or Intervention," Journal of Trauma and Loss, 6,: 335-342. "Finding Universal Values in a Time of Relativism," The Educational Forum, 65:3, 273-278. “”Pastoral Counseling,” Perspectives On the Professions, 21:1, 2-4.

2000 "Race and Ethnicity as Depicted in the Photographs in Two Long Island Newspapers, Newsday and The New York Times Long Island Sunday Supplement," Long Island History Journal 13:1 (Fall), 73-81.

1998 “Manchuria, 1979;” “Mt. Tai Shan;” ”Abstruse Calligraphy;” “Silk and a Crane;” “Near a Ginseng Farm;” “China Changes,” “Firefall,” “Celebrating a Revolution,” Long Island Quarterly, Winter: 13-16.


2009 “The Lodge at Woodloch: A Spa Resort in the Woods,”

2008 “Whose brain is it anyway: From Einstein to a recent local case: Can science take an organ without prior express permission?” Newsday, December 3, A 37 “Mirbeau Inn and Spa,” “Courage in court?,” Newsday, July 13 “Hypocrite? Yes. Crook? Maybe Not,” Newsday March 12 “Blood on the Postcard,” Newsday, Feb.10 “El Dorado Maroma,” “Grenada,”

2007 “Salamanca, Avila and Segovia in Pictures,” with Lyn Dobrin, “Two Long Island firefighters should be on a memorial,” Newsday, Oct. 7 “When personal ethics and a profession collide,” Newsday, Nov. 4

2006 “All that Glitters: In the Berkshires, visitors can travel back to time to the sumptuous Gilded Age,” with Lyn Dobrin, “ Car & Travel, May, 34-35 Values and Ethics: From the Living Room to the Board Room, with Jason Merchey, March 7, “A Communion,” The Humanist, March/April, 29-32

2005 “Ethics and Compliance,” Nov. 22 “Kenya Honeymoon Safari,” with Lyn Dobrin, “Is the Practice of Tipping Outdated?” The Costco Connection, Feb., Vol. 20, 2 “Relating Ethics,” The Chronicle [Hofstra University}, April 7 “Why Honeymoon in Belize?” with Lyn Dobrin,

2004 “Parents, It’s Only a Game,” NY Times, Letters, Oct. 12

2003 “Toward an Ethic of Citizenship,” William K. Dustin, Fall, (book review) 2002 “Spiritual Timber,”

2001 “The World Gets Smaller,” Creations, (December): 15-16. Letter to the editor, Newsday, Oct. 26. "The 100-percent Myrtle Solution,” New York Times, LI, (April 22) "Character Study: How to raise a moral child in an ethically complex world," New York Daily News, Lifeline, (March 25), 18-19. "Minister," Humanist Living, 4:1 (Winter): 1, 14-18. “Moral Philosophy,” Hofstra Horizons, 13-15.

1999 "Reviving the Draft," Newsday, June 28

1998. "Feeling Guilty" Ethics Matters, October “Sports or Spirit?” Assisi Times, September/October: 8-9.

Book Chapter

2004 “Wine of the Poor,” in Steeped in the World of Tea, Northhampton, MA: Interlink Books

WORK IN PROGRESS For God’s Sake – a play about Carrie Nation Ethical Humanism for Children — a comic book primer on Ethical Culture

University Service


2009 The Ethics Project, expanded to more than 70 podcast recordings Classes taught: School for University Studies, Core; School of Communication, Ethics and Principles in American News Media; School of Business, Business Ethics and Society (MBA)

2008 Developed and maintained: The Ethics Project, podcast for the university, at

2007 Arranged for and organized two week visit and exhibit of sculpture by Elkana Omweri Ongesa as Artist-in-residence, Fine Arts Department Presentation, “Educating for the Changing Faces of Long Island,” sponsored by the Office of Field Placement, School of Education University Seminar Series, Herricks High School, “The Lost Art of Happiness” University Seminar Series, Half Hollow Hills West High School, “The Lost Art of Happiness” Arranged for Hofstra Library to obtain Long Island Poetry Collection from Westbury Public Library

2006 Arranged for gift of sculpture Blessings II by Elkana Omweri Ongesa Tenure committee for Dr. Robn Flaton

2005 Tenure committee for Dr. Diane Herbert Second year review committee for Dr. James Levy Developing online site for practical ethics for professionals, presently housed at

2004 Mentor to new faculty member Kimberly Gilbert, Dep’t. of Psychology

2003 Explore feasibility of Hofstra study abroad program for undergraduates and graduate students in the School of Education, at Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing, China — with Carol Alberts, School of Education, Hofstra University Initiated transfer of collection of contemporary Long Island poetry from Westbury Memorial Library to Axinn Library at Hofstra University

2002 Initiator of committee to create a center for the study of cross-cultural applied ethics Leader of School for University Studies get-together for 9/11 memorial Proposer, with Prof. J. Ahr, community scholars program Liaison between Amnesty International Hofstra student group and Amnesty International Group #74 Garden City Spokesperson for Hofstra University on public service announcements broadcast on TV 55

2001 Task Force on the establishment of Center for Research Excellence Advisory Committee, Protestant Chaplaincy of Hofstra University — to present Initiator of Hofstra on-line publication — approved by Senate Faculty and Provost’s office, 2001; adopted and implemented by the University as Hofprints

2000 Diversity and Equity Committee, chaired by David Blanchard and Michael D'Innocenzo,

1998 Africana Studies committee — to present

1997- 1998 Faculty advisor - Human Rights Club


2008 Lecturer in history class, History and Happiness, Dr. Simon Doubleday

2006 Lecturer in New College class, Human Development Upper Level Seminar, Dr. Jin Shin Lecturer on witchcraft in First Year Connections class, Dr. Teehan

2005 Lecturer in Human Development Upper Level Seminar, Dr. Jin Shin Lecturer on witchcraft in First Year Connections class, Dr. Teehan

2004 Participant in New College class, The Holocaust, Dr. Johan Ahr Lecturer in New College class, Human Development. Upper Level Seminar, Dr. Jin Shin

2003 Lecturer in New College class, Human Development, Upper Level Seminar, Dr. Jin Shin

2001 Lecturer in Cultural Anthropology, Dr. Joanne Taylor Summer: Lecturer in Introduction to Ethics, Dr. John Teehan

2000 Lecturer in Swahili 2, Dr. Rob Leonard Summer: Lecturer in Introduction to Ethics, Dr. John Teehan

1999 Lecture to Kappa Delta Pi (National Education Honors Society Lecture to Philosophy Club, What's Right? What's Wrong? Lecturer in Swahili 2, Dr. Rob Leonard

1998 Lecturer in Swahili 2, Dr. Rob Leonard

SPECIAL APPEARANCE Hofstra authors, University bookstore, 1999, 2000, 2001


Student advisement Admissions interviews for SUS students All functioning committees Peer reviews Brown-bag Seminars for faculty/students of School for University Studies - initiator and member — 1998 to present Library Liaison for School for University Studies — 1998-present Chair curriculum committee – 2004-2007

New College

2008 First Reader—Senior Project—“Ethics and People in the Entertainment Industry,” Stephanie Valkanos First Reader—Senior Project—“Fanaticism,” Jack Volvano Advisor—Masters Thesis —“Engaged Vaishnavism: The Chaitanya School’s Contribution to India’s Religion of Love” 2007 Second Reader—Master’s Thesis—“The Secret,” Joe Guastalli 2006 First Reader — Senior Project — “Scientology: Is It a Cult?” Harriet Sirota

2005 First Reader — Senior Project — “The Biological Basis of Empathy,” Lauren Silver Second reader — Senior Project — “Exotic Dancers: Artistic Beauties or Anti-feminist Beasts?” Elizabeth Gollobin

2004 First Reader — Senior Project — “Poetry Project,” Joe Guastalli

2002 First Reader — Senior Project — “Kenyan Literature,” Elizabeth Maxwell First Reader — Senior Project – “Adolescents, Peer Pressure and Moral Development,” Nicole Lorber Independent Study — “Moral Development and Religion,” Alana Levy

2001 First Reader - Senior Project - "Why Is Affirmative Action Controversial?" Peter Macheri Third Reader, MA thesis - "A Study of Education, Job Training, and Workforce Support Programs for the North Amityville Community That Would Result in Greater Workforce Participation," Martin Cantor

2000 First Reader - Senior Project - "Ethiopian Jews in Israel," David Epstein Second Aspect - "Chemical Castration," William Almasi

1999 First Reader - Senior Project - "Female Genital Mutilation," Laura Denham Second Reader - Senior Project - "Death Penalty," Adam Margolis


Spring 2004 “Kenyan Literature,” Debra Glasser “Business Codes of Ethics,” Duwayne

Fall 2002 “African Americans and Short Story Writing,” Beatrice Schmidt “Writing Children’s Stories,” John Angus

Spring 2002 “Moral Development,” Amanda Levy

Spring 2001 “Contemporary Poetry,” Melanie Zack "The Maasai," Renee Hart

Spring 2000 "Hinduism: Neither Beginning Nor End," Jennifer Tulshi

Spring 1999 "Moral Development," Lisa Seognanillo "Levittown," Andrew Bilica

Fall 1998 "Cross-Dressing," Lilies Flores “Moral Development," Anthony Davis


Spring 1999 Full contract, "Moral Development," Joelyn Collins Full contract, "Kenyan Literature," Barbara Tyler

Spring 1999 Half-contract, "Kenyan Literature," Evan Schwartz


SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Management 200: Business Ethics and Society

SCHOOL OF COMMUNICATION Journalism 001: Ethics and Principles in the American News Media



2009 “Raising Moral Children,” Northern Virginia Ethical Society Consultant, Project Title: “Gratitude in Youth: Assessment, Outcomes, Intervention, and Wellsprings”

2008 “Politics, Sex and Ethics: What Decides How You Report,” Hofstra University School of Communication, co-sponsored by the Press Club of Long Island “Spirituality in the Face of Serious Illness,” the Breast Cancer Forum, Adelphi NY Statewide Breast Cancer Hotline & Support Program

2007 “Long Island Poetry: Roots and Branches,” North Sea Poetry Scene (New York State Council on the Humanities), Southampton, NY “What Is Ethics?” University of Salamanca, Spain, to American high school students Poetry reading, opening of refurbished library, New Hyde Park, NY Poetry reading, Gazebo Poetry Reading Series, Oceanside, NY Poetry reading,,

2005 Conductor of seminar for joint faculties and students on business ethics — Kisii College and Gusii Institute of Technology, Kisii, Kenya Presenter: Seminar on living wills, health care proxies and power of attorney, with Msgr. Tom Hartman, Rabbi Marc Gellman — Rivkin, Radler, Uniondale Teacher: Ethics for Everyone — Barnes and Noble University, four-week long online course offered for 2 Continuing Education Units – taught three times Presenter, “What It’s Like to be a Writer,” Westchester Writers Round Table Discussion, Ethics for Everyone, Barnes and Noble, Carle Place Reading, “Steeped,” Barnes and Noble, Carle Place Presenter, Hofstra University High School University Seminary, “Acquiring Ethical Behavior,” Roslyn High School Reading, “Steeped,” tea&tiques, Huntington

2004 Presenter: 5th World Congress of Poets for Poetry Research and Recitation – New York, NY Conductor of seminar for faculty and students on moral education and East African literature — Makerere University, Kampala Uganda Invited to conduct of seminar for faculty and teacher of classes on moral education — Department of Education, Moi University, Eldoret, Kenya (cancelled due to professors’ strike, which closed down all public universities in Kenya) Teacher: Ethics for Everyone — Barnes and Noble University, four-week long online course offered for 2 Continuing Education Units – taught three times Featured Speaker: The Sixteenth Annual Redpath Lecture, “Seeing Through Others’ Eyes: Writing About Different Cultures,” The South Orange Maplewood Adult School Speaker: “The Spiritual Lessons of 9/11,” Ethical Humanist Society of Long Island; Ethical Culture Society of Westchester Reading and discussion: Southampton Inn, “Seeing through Africa” Moderator: “Does the Bible Justify Violence?” Hicksville Public Library

2003 Presenter, Ethics for Everyone,” 2003 Society Growth and Development Conference, American Ethical Union Presenter, as part of panel: Why Bother with Ethics? — Women’s Presidents Organization, New York York Chapter, Garden City, NY Presenter: Does God Exist? — Molloy College Center for Christian-Jewish Studies Seminar Presenter: Making Humanist Ethics Work, 82nd Annual Conference — American Humanist Association, Washington, D.C. Teacher: Ethics for Everyone — Barnes and Noble University, four-week long online course offered for 2 Continuing Education Units (more than 75 students from 20 states, Puerto Rico, South Africa and Kuwait) — taught three times Presenter, as part of panel: “Morality Defined From Religious and Secular Perspectives” — Molloy College Center for Christian-Jewish Studies, Presenter, as part of panel: Children and Moral Development, symposium — Long Island Center for Ethics, C. W. Post College Presenter: Kenya: an overview — African History class, West Point Military Academy Poetry reading: Sunbird — African Studies, Hofstra University Axinn Library Conductor of symposium and keynote speaker on moral development for faculty, graduate students and school principals — Key Research Base of National Humane and Social Science, Institute of Moral Education, School of Educational Science, Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing, China

2002 Presenter, as part of panel: Book Publishing — Center for Teaching and Scholarly Excellence, Hofstra University Moderator: “If This is a Man: The Life and Legacy of Primo Levi,” — Hofstra Cultural Center, Panel VII, “Suicide?”

2001 Presenter: Wangari Maathai and the Greenbelt Movement — A Peace Odyssey: Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize, Hofstra Cultural Center with the Peace History Society and the Hague Appeal for Peace” November Respondent: Religion, Tolerance and Peace From Christian, Jewish and Muslim Perspectives, Hofstra Cultural Center

2000 Poetry Reading: Tea in a Blue Cup — Axinn Library, Hofstra University, April

1999 Presenter: Eleanor Roosevelt and Human Rights—The Vision of Eleanor Roosevelt: World Citizen Ahead of Her Time Hofstra Cultural Center and the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute, "Eleanor Roosevelt and Human Rights," October

GRANT 2000 Title VI, Department of Education, Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Language Grant, "Africa Across the Curriculum" — meetings with publishers and faculty of University of Nairobi, in Nairobi and Keroka, Kenya


2009 June 28, Newsday, Summer of ’69—“Vietnam Voices: Arthur Dobrin,”,0,482679.story June 19, Long Island Business News, “Corps Values: Giving peace a second chance,” 2008 July 26, Sunday Nation (Kenya), “Going Places: Hoisting bird of peace” July 14, Newsday, “Souzzi donors are familiar faces” April 27, Newsday, “Legal experts have mixed reaction to Suozzi plan” March 25, Newsday, “Sound Beach reeks of Wild West: Case of the Cicciaro killing revelas a macho lawless mind-set that, fueled with liquor, is an old trigger for tragedy” Jan/Feb Texas Family, “Share the Love: Inspiring Kids to Show Love Every Day,” Amy Anderson 2007 Feb. The Boston Parents’ Paper, “Building Character: How to Raise Kids to be Good in a World That Often Isn’t” 2006 Nov. 22, Newsday, LI Kids, “To teach your kids the true spirit of the holidays, set a good example,” Debbie Geiger April 16, Washington Post, “Tipping and Travel: It’s No Easy Matter,” Cindy Loose 2005 April CBS2, Mid-day New York, Parent to Parent, “Raising a Moral Child”

2004 August 19, Long Island Press, Out of Africa: Westbury’s Arthur Dobrin Documents His Travels, Kenny Herzog June 10, The Westbury Times, Seeing Through Africa with Arthur Dobrin: Westbury Author Publishes 20th Book Spring-Summer Benedictine Sisters and Friends, “A Word from the Editor,” Katie Perry May Real Simple, “Do the Right Thing,” Elizabeth Schatz March Metro Parent, Detroit, “Character Counts,” Judith Cookis Rubens

2003 November Family Talk with Mike Riera, “Moral Children,” Icicle Networks November Family Circle: Everyday Ethics, “Changing Faith” September Long Island Parenting, Parenting Profile, Arthur Dobrin: Morals Matter August Channel 12 News: Ethical Literature for Children July Family Circle: Everyday Ethics, “A Question of Party Politics” April Family Circle: Everyday Ethics, “Teenager Extravagance” March 9 Newsday, Everyday Hero 16, Newsday, feature story for Long Island Section, What Would You Do? Test yourself against ethicist Arthur Dobrin and four other Long Islanders who weigh in on life’s little dilemmas January Family Circle: Everyday Ethics, “Keeping Secrets” China Radio International: Voices from Other Lands, “Moral Children” (recorded in Nanjing and broadcast worldwide from Beijing, China) Jewish World Review Don’t smile for the camera

2002 January Reader’s Digest, Parent Talk: The Experts Weight In April 11 Channel 12 News, raising a moral child

         23     Channel 12 News, the importance of feelings
         30,     Channel 12 News, the importance of reason

June 13, Channel 12 News, how to discipline for ethical behavior July 8 Channel 12 News, ethical habits

          23    Channel 12 New, children and prejudice

August 12 Channel 12 News: ethical values and children September, Family Circle: Everyday Ethics, “Family Money Matters”

        Family Circle: Circle This, “Teaching Hope”

17 Newsday, Lifestyles: Family & Relationships, “A More Diverse Future” 19 The Westbury Times, “Computers Sought for School in Kenya”

November, Family Circle, Everyday Ethics, “Driving and the Elderly”

2001 April, Long Island Parents and Children, "Traveling with Children" May 6, Newsday, "After 33 Years, a Humanist Steps Down: LI society salutes its leader" May 7, Dayton Daily News, “All Different, All the Same: School programs bring lessons of tolerance and acceptance” May 27, The New York Times, “Ethical Humanism: Religion Without God” July 15, Copley News Service, “Setting Your Child’s Moral Compass True North” September, Newhouse News Service, “Monitoring Software Enables Parents to Eavesdrop on Children’s Computer Use,” by Michele M. Melendez September 23, Herald American, Syracuse, NY “Children and Privacy,” October, NBC TV affiliates nation-wide, “The Ethics of Spying on Children”

2000 April, Distinction Magazine, interview about tea April, Long Island Parents and Children, "Spring Cleaning: What Little Helpers Can Learn" April 11, Newsday, "Five Decades of Dedication" November, AARP Life Answers "Grandparents and Moral Instruction" November, WHPC, "What is Ethical Humanism?" November, Hofstra University television, "Humanism on Long Island"

1999 January 12, Newsday, "Nation's Character at Crossroads," in Paul Vitello’s column January 25, WHLI News, feature on race relations on Long Island May 3, Time, feature on multi-racial families May 20, Westbury Times, "Westbury Author Gives Kids Something to Talk About" May 25, WHLI, "Love Your Neighbor" December 13, WHLI, feature on bio-medical advances and ethics

1998 September 13, CNN Sunday Morning News, "Clinton's Bad Behavior Could be Good Lesson for Children" October 27, Herald Journal, Spartanberg, SC — Julie Woodcock interview re: how to teach thankfulness in children, for NY Times Syndicate story October 31, WRVA, "Working Women"


2002 Columbia, MO — Parks, Recreation, & Open Space Master Plan – 2002 Update

2001 Blue Ridge Community College, Spring

2000 Central Academy of Feng Shui Living Sanely, John F. Groom

1999 Motivating Moment, June Mission Statement of Dickinson College Volunteers, July

1998 Quote of the Day, Daily Nation (Nairobi), December 5

Community Service and Activities


Amnesty International Group 74 — Co-leader 1976-present Ethical Humanist Society of Long Island — Leader, 1968-2001; Leader Emeritus, 2001-present Long Island Progressive Coalition — Chair, Executive Board, 2001-2005 Sema Academy, Keroka, Kenya, private, non-sectarian primary school for rural children — fund raising for construction of school, scholarship for student and teachers’ salaries, 2001-present Winthrop-University Hospital — Ethics Committee, 1998-present Humanist Institute – Adjunct Faculty, 2003-2004


2007 Presentation, “Ethics: The Heart of Your Business,” The Long Island Center for Business & Professional Women Presentation, “Seeing Through Africa,” The Community Club of Garden City and Hempstead Participant, Pueblo Ingles, Soria, Spain “Little Heroes,” Harriet Eisman Community School of Long Beach Reach, commencement address

2006 “Building a school in Africa,” Pennswood Retirement Home, PA. The Simple Society Alliance for Human Empowerment, “The Morality of Consumption,” invited guest for on-line forum Reading and discussion with three second grade classes, Ulysses Byass School, Roosevelt

2005 “Education in Kenya,” faculty and fourth grade students, The Progressive School, North Merrick

2004 “Teaching Right from Wrong,” Islamic Center of Long Island WRHU, Visions and Choices, Linda Longmire, host Hicks Nursery Annual Flower Show, Tea Poetry reading, 13th Annual Bengladeshi Book Fair, Astoria, Queens Reading and discussion about tea, 14th Hicks Nursery Annual Flower Show

2003 Consultant to proposed charter school specializing in ethics for young children, Manhattan Southampton Inn — reading and discussion from Love Your Neighbor P.S. 185 Brooklyn — reading and discussion from Love Your Neighbor Friends School, Westbury, NY — reading from Love Your Neighbor

2002 First Church of Christ. Science, Levittown, NY: “Spiritual Lessons of 9/11” Barnes and Noble Bookstore, Carle Place, NY: Discussion of Ethics for Everyone Washington Ethical Society — workshop on raising moral children “Ethical People and How They Get to Be That Way” Burns Ave. School, Hicksville, NY:, children’s stories, grades 1-3 Ethical Humanist Society of Long Island “What Does Religion Demand of You?”

2001 Oceanside School #6 kindergarten: reading and discussion of Love Your Neighbor — Stories of Values and Virtues Queens Society for Ethical Culture: "Kenya: Case Study of the Third World" Ethical Humanist Society of Chicago: “Privilege and the Third World” Long Beach Public Library: NY “Teaching Right from Wrong” Barnes and Noble, Carle Place, NY: “Teaching Right from Wrong” Ethical Society of St. Louis: “Thirty Years of Humanism” Huntington Arts Festival, Huntington, NY: Poetry reading National Council of Jewish Women, South Shore Section, Rockville Centre, NY: “Teaching Right from Wrong” Ethical Culture Society of Riverdale-Yonkers, Riverdale, NY: “Raising a Moral Child” Herricks School District PTA, Williston Park, NY: “Raising a Moral Child”

2000 Setauket 3rd grade classes: reading and discussion of Love Your Neighbor--Stories of Values and Virtues De Café, Merrick, NY: poetry reading Westchester Ethical Culture Society: guest speaker Ethical Culture Society of Essex, NJ: guest speaker American Ethical Union Religious Education Family Weekend, Warwick, NY: presenter, "Raising Ethical Children” National Leaders Council seminar on "Utilitarianism," Princeton, NJ: seminar led by Peter Singer — participant

1999 Port Washington, NY, Third Grade Classes: reading and discussion from Love Your Neighbor--Stories of Values and Virtues Borders, Levittown, NY: poetry reading Long Beach Public Library - America in the 21st Century: Fulfilling the Promise - group facilitator Riverdale-Yonkers Ethical Culture Society: guest speaker Ethical Culture Society of Bergen County, NJ: guest speaker Barnes and Noble, Lincoln Center store, New York, NY: reading Love Your Neighbor--Stories of Values and Virtues

1998 Humanists of Florida Convention, Orlando: FL: Conference theme “Humanism for the New Century-- Spanning Science and Morality” keynote speaker: "Ethical People and How They Get To Be That Way” Winthrop-University Hospital, Mineola, NY: presenter, Candlelight Vigil for Cancer patients Huntington Fair, Huntington, NY: poetry reading Barnes & Noble, Bayside, NY: poetry reading

EDUCATIONAL USES OF MATERIAL 2002 Teaching Right From Wrong: 40 Things You Can Do to Raise a Moral Child, used by Prof. Benyu Guo, Nanjing Normal University, China

2000-2001 Malaika used by Prof. Egbara Kibaji in "Literature and Contemporary Writing," Kenyatta University, Nairobi, Kenya


2006 Scholar’s Incentive Award, Hofstra University Allison Kim Levy Continuing Acts of Kindness Memorial Award, Psychology Department, Hofstra University 2005 Legacy of Light Award, with Lyn Dobrin, Westbury Friends School

2003 Peter E. Herman Award, for creative work in the literary arts, Hofstra University

1999 Jomo Kenyatta Literary Prize, Kenya Publishers Association, Malaika short-listed as best fiction published in Kenya (withdrawn when committee recognized that by-laws stipulated award must be given to Kenyan citizen)


American Association of Religion Association of Moral Education National Leaders Council of the American Ethical Union