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Contact-new.svg DR ARIJIT DAS
Arijit Das.jpg
Employer:Bir Bikram Memorial College
Occupation:Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Flag of India.svg India
Languages:English, Hindi, Bengali
Flag of India.svg India


Dr.Arijit Das is basically a Chemical Educationist and specifically an Inorganic Chemist. At present, he is holding the post of Assistant Professor (Sr.Gr.), Department of Chemistry, Bir Bikram Memorial College (BBMC), Agartala, West Tripura, India. He is a nominated member of the American Chemical Society (ACS) in the Chemical Education Division since Dec 2013 and Editorial Board Member, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, UK since Oct 2019 (Link: He is working in the field of Innovation in Chemical Education along with Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry since 2011. Till now, he innovated twenty-one (21) time economic teaching methodologies and invented 40 formulae in the field of Organic and Inorganic Chemical Education within the period (2011-2021) - recognized & indexed by the Education Resources Information Center (ERIC), US Department of Education (Link:; University of California, Davis, USA; Indian Chemical Society (ICS), Kolkata, India; British Library, London; National Library, Kolkata; Federation of African Societies of Chemistry (FASC), Ethiopia, Africa; American Institute of Science (AIS), USA; Open Science Research Society, USA and City College of New York. Dr. Das's innovative book, entitled ‘Innovative Mnemonics in Chemical Education: A Handbook for Classroom Lectures’, published by the Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Lady Stephenson Library, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 2PA, UK dated Sept 2019 (Link: Some of his time-economic methodologies came in the form of two educational tools namely ‘Hydrocarbons Parser’ (Link: and 'Diatomic Bond Order Calculator' ( made by the Minerazzicom, Bayamon, Puerto Rica, US on Aug-2015 & Dec 2018 respectively. Later on, these tools were indexed in the library of City College of New York, City College Chemistry Web Resources Page ( in their Computational Chemistry Section ( Quote of his Life: 'Read the book but think outside the book. It brings innovation which makes the subject intriguing and free from the subject's phobia'. He always uses mnemonics in his innovative teaching methodologies to make them metabolic and interesting for learners. To read his innovational methodologies and formulae please click on the link: or You can also use his URL where you will get all updates regarding his innovational research journey in the field of Chemical Education. Hopefully, you will enjoy these.