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GSoC 2014 Proposal


Widget:Slideshow Authoring and Playback Tool


Project is aimed at creating an interactive and user friendly tool for the content authors that will help them create Slideshows easily in their web browsers. They would also be able to add voice narrations and a cue sheet which would automatically play the slideshow in sync with the audio. The main focus is to make it easy for non-technical users to author slideshows.


  • Code for a Widget that includes slideshow creation & editing and addition of narration audio
  • Documentation for the whole code

Implementation Plan

I will be creating a Widget that will offer the authoring user a GUI which will enable him/her to create slideshows based on REVEAL.JS by simple point-and-click.

This will provide authoring user the following features-

  1. Add/remove new slides
  2. Customize the Slides-
    1. Change color scheme, font, size, etc.
    2. Choose slide transition effects
  3. Add a narrative audio track
  4. Set the options for auto advancing the Slideshow. User will be able to-
    1. Advance the slides manually and audio will sync to the current slide
    2. Scrub the audio position and slides will sync to the correct position

The created slideshows will be stored in WikiEducator as wiki text only so that they could be read directly by the user as well as reused if needed.

Other users will be able to view slideshow as per their comfort. I have created a working demo for this concept. - Slides-Demo

User Interface



Timeline Task
April 22 - May 18 Community bonding period: getting to know mentors, codebase and my project. I'll also plan my course of action regarding the project.
May 19 - June 1 Create a Widget and write its initial code for the GUI. I'll demonstrate the created GUI at the end of this period.
June 2 - June 15 Implement the functionality of the GUI. I'll demonstrate that the components of GUI are working and doing what they should be doing.
June 16 - June 26 Test the code till this point and write the documentation. Get everything ready for Midterm evaluations.
June 27 Midterm evaluation deadline.
June 28- July 13 Write the code for integrating audio narration. I'll demonstrate that an audio file could be uploaded an linked to the slideshow.
July 14 - July 27 Implement the Slideshow autoplay functionality. I'll demonstrate that the cue-sheet for the uploaded audio and slideshow linking could be created.
July 28 - August 10 Buffer time for any unexpected problems/delay, testing code and writing documentation. I'll demonstrate the project working as a whole.
August 11 - August 17 Pencils down date - scrub code, test it and improve documentation.
August 18 Firm pencils down date.
August 22 Final evaluation deadline.

Benefit to the community

This tool will help the non-technical authors to create brilliant Slideshows very easily. Students/users who are accessing the content will also be having a great experience and ease watching an interactive slideshow, which may help them understand the content better and making this a fun way of learning.

What I hope to learn

Experience of working on an open source programming project on a big platform like WikiEducator. I hope I do well and could become a regular contributor to WikiEducator and other Open Source projects. Also, I'd be creating something that helps in creation of free education content which is a great thing.

Past experience

I've been programming for about two years now learning on my own. I have understood the basic features and working of Mediawiki. I also created a demo Widget - Widget:ApsSlidesDemo, for the demo of this project proposal. Here is my Github page.

Why should we choose you

I believe I have a strong ability to learn fast and have keen interest in learning new technologies. It’s fun for me to work on something new. I'm passionate and self-motivated about programming. Moreover, I'm a very dedicated person and I give my 100% to every task at hand.

Other commitments during the summer

This is the my only commitment during summer. I will be dedicated to the project only.

About me

  • Name : Amanpreet Singh
  • WikiEducator username : Aps
  • E-mail :
  • IRC nick : aps-sids
  • G+ hangout address : aps.sids
  • Github : aps-sids
  • Blog :

  • Degree : M.Sc.(Hons.) Mathematics + B.E.(Hons.) Chemical
  • University : Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani
  • Country : India
  • Typical working hours : 10:00- 13:00, 15:30-19:00, 22:00-03:00 ( IST ) 4:30- 7:30, 9:30-1:30, 16:30- 21:30 ( UTC )