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PODER is used to say what you or others can do. It means what some one is able to do.

PODER is usually followed by the infinitive form of the verb.

This is how PODER is conjugated.

            puedo                 podemos
            puedes                podeis
            puede                 pueden

Here are some situations in which you use PODER

  1. You want to invite your friend to go to the beach with you.
 So you will ask:  Puedes ir a la playa conmigo?
  1. You are not able to help your friend with a specific task.
 So you say:  Lo siento, pero, no puedo trabaj en la tienda hoy.

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Here are some sentences to thiink about. Can you tell what they mean?

  • Podemor ir al cine esta noche.
  • No puedo ir a la fiesta.
  • Luisa y Carla pueden ayudarte.

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Web Resources

To learn more about the use of poder: Visit these sites [[1]]


PODER is often confused with SABER. Poder means to be able to do.....Saber means to know how to do. You may know how to do something but may not be able to do it.

  • For example: Yo se conducir pero no puedo hacerlo hoy.
Translation:  I know how to drive but I cannot do so today{ maybe my hand is broken.)

You may be familiar with the verb saber which means to know how to do something