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At ASU we follow a Liberal Arts approach to learning where young scholars and their mentors pursue the journey of learning together, rather than a lectured one-way flow where they find themselves acquiring knowledge, which they could have found in many a well-written book.

We strongly believe that the leaders of today and tomorrow not only require deep understanding of their chosen field but need to have a grasp of as many different fields as possible. They must be able to demand, switch views and perspectives in order to understand the picture in entirety and take care of the needs and desires of all stakeholders. We want to equip our graduates with the ability to think critically, qualitatively and quantitatively analyze and be able to apply themselves to all circumstances and problems in a holistic fashion. This is the need of industry today and this will prepare our graduates not only for their first jobs out of school but for all others likely to follow. We aim to equip them with the skills of life-long learning, self-introspection and continuous development.

Each course and program has been carefully selected and vetted by an advisory board of academicians, industry experts and our excellent faculty, who further exercise the freedom to make their course "Mark to Market," i.e. change content on a regular basis, in sync with the changing dynamics of the world around. Our focus on research at all levels not only allows us to keep up with industry but often enables us to be ahead of it.

Being a true philanthropic organization allows us to concentrate on our social mission—to create great future leaders. We measure success not by the salaries of our graduates but by the extent of contentment they enjoy in their life at large and the difference they have made in the world. We know if our graduates are doing things they love and cherish, money is a by-product and a by-concern.

Above all we are committed to treating each student as an individual. This focus on the individual has resulted in wonderful features such as the ability to take up any course according to the dictates of their hearts, minds and thirst for knowledge, the comfort of changing their mind and path at anytime, a personalized experience through smaller class sizes and customized path to graduation, and treating with compassion mistakes and adverse choices made. College is the best time to experiment, reach beyond your comfort zone and try to find yourself. At Apeejay Stya University, the journey to find the answer to the question, "Who am I" is a worthy and noble endeavour and we are excited to be part of each individual's journey.

Apeejay has been has been committed to excellence for more than forty years and is committed to the next two hundred. We have a long-term vision and hope you will join us in the making of a brighter future for everyone.

Aditya Berlia Co-Founder/Pro-Chancellor