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Shri stya paul.jpg

“Tu shaheen hai parwaz hai kaam tera, tere saamne aasman aur bhi hain” - Iqbal

(You are a falcon. Soaring high is your nature. There are skies yet for you to conquer)

Dr. Stya Paul, eminent industrialist, educationist, philanthropist and freedom fighter provided the foundation and inspiration for the emergence of the Apeejay Stya Group and the Apeejay Education Society as trusted symbols of quality and excellence in the country's industrial and educational landscape.

A pioneering entrepreneur with a far-sighted vision of the future, Dr. Stya Paul was instrumental in the rise of the Apeejay Group as one of the biggest industrial houses of independent India, and was a leading architect of the country's emergence as a self-reliant industrial superpower, founded on the strength of Indian capability and enterprise.

Founder's Vision Continued....