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English Language Worksheet 1- Grade VI

Topic: Comprehension and Creative Writing

Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow

Once upon a time, in the sleepy town of Blunderbus there lived a boy called Charlie. Charlie was a perfect resident of Blunderbus town. He had been awarded several medals and honours by the ever watchful town council headed by the mayor Mr. Rattlearound. Charlie sat dozing in his armchair one Saturday afternoon. He was dreaming happily of the time when he tripped over his shoe laces and brought an entire stack of china plates crashing down over his ears at the new Breakasyoulike Mall. Suddenly a violent banging on his front door startled Charlie out of his slumber. Mr. Weatherbeaten the town postman stood mopping his face with a large polkadotted handkerchief. Charlie invited him in for a glass of chilled lemonade and signed for his unwieldy parcel. As Mr. Weatherbeaten sipped the ambrosia he couldn't help but wonder why it tasted of peaches, but of course if something turned out a little differently it only meant all was well in their topsy-turvy little town. Charlie sat unwrapping yards of multicoloured muslin with which his package was done up. The yellow muslin merged into aquamarine which led to an angry orange and it finally revealed a tiny gilt edged card. The card simply read,"You are cordially invited to the Summer Queen Ball on the twenty third."

Q.1. What was Charlie busy doing before he received the package?

Q.2. What was in Charlie's package?

Q.3. The word ambrosia means (made of roses/amber coloured/nectar).

Q.4. The phrase 'gilt edged' means (feeling guilty/with edges/a border of gold).

Q.5. Describe Charlie's dream.

Q.6. Continue the story by writing another paragraph telling us what happened next.

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