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Bargain Shopping

I enjoy shopping and for me it is not just a matter of acquiring items but at a bargain price and as a matter of fact it is not about personal shopping either. I am happy meeting a complete stranger in a store and walking the mall to assist them in selecting their own items. Fortunately, for me my family circle is quite large so between, sisters, brothers, neices nephews and cousins, I often get the chance to enhance my skil

Discount Rates

It is with great delight I walk into a store searching for sales signs...the excitement builds as I see 30%, 40%, and I am beside myself anytime I see any sign indicating 60% discount and above. I derive further pleasure when I wear one of my bargain pieces and I am complimented. I smile sweetly thinking, $6:99, reduced from $49:99.


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oh this is how you do it

I prefer to shop in stores that are well laid out and I do not appreciate digging into a container to find a bargain item, in my opinion clothes often get ruined or soiled when this system is used. I have developed an appreciation for the department stores, it would seem that since they have a larger stock base their discount levels are greater.

Things to do

  1. complete annual report
  • get data from office
  • revise student list
  1. complete wiki tutorial
  • send email
  1. Petit Meeting
  • print petit documents
  • Oratorical student
  1. Call airlines
  • give quote to Sam