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Issues relevant to module 2

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  • We recommend that you spend X amount of time on each chapter
  • It would help you if you have access to xyz when attempting the activities in this module...
  • You may find it useful to skim through an entire chapter (or portion of a chapter) first, paying special attention to the headings and introductions then go through a second time for more indepth study and practice
  • We recommend that you do the activities as they appear rather than all at the end. They are essential study materials, so please attempt them.
  • If you have difficulty understanding a section of a chapter, try working at it slowly. If you still do not understand, seek help.

Computer Environment Outcomes: In this tutorial we will:

  • learn to start and shut the computer
  • know how to view CPU details, install and uninstall programmes, print screen and printing of files etc.
  • understand the use text editing facility

Desktop Outcomes: In this tutorial we will:

  • understand to work with icons
  • be able to identify different parts of a window
  • learn to work on different desktops simultaneously

Managing Files Outcomes: In this tutorial we will:

  • understand how an operating system shows drives, files, in a hierarchical structure.
  • be able to navigate to a file , folder on a drive.
  • recognize common file types
  • use the Find tool to locate a file, directory and folder.
  • learn to compress files and extract them when required.

Viruses Outcomes: In this tutorial we will:

  • know what a virus is and what the effects of a virus might be
  • learn using virus scanning applications

Print Management Outcomes: In this tutorial we will:

  • learn how to change default printer from an installed printer list
  • practice printing a document from a text editing application

Module Topics - will be deleted when information transferred please ignore

Computer Environment
Managing Files
Print Management