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COLLEGE LIFE : Paragraph Writing Assignment


COLLEGE LIFE-"AN UNFORGETTABLE MEMORY"... "COLLEGE LIFE" when one thinks of these two words before stepping into it imagines it to be a place where one lives "A REAL LIFE",no doubt which in reality it really proves to meets varities of people in custom,culture and nature...COLLEGE LIFE is individually a new era of life for everybody...people have their HIGH AIMS in their minds for which they start their new journey to reach a "BEAUTIFUL DESTINATION"............



College presents many challenges for incoming students. Academically, many students find college to be much more difficult than high school students. Students are concerned with not only their academic success at college, but their social and emotional adjustment as well.I felt really concerned if I would fit in with the crowd or not. College life has an impact on every student in some way.


5 11BCE0371 Ayush Amresh COLLEGE LIFE-"AN UNFORGETTABLE MEMORY"... "COLLEGE LIFE" when one thinks of these two words before stepping into it imagines it to be a place where one lives "A REAL LIFE",no doubt which in reality it really proves to meets varities of people in custom,culture and nature...COLLEGE LIFE is individually a new era of life for everybody...people have their HIGH AIMS in their minds for which they start their new journey to reach a "BEAUTIFUL DESTINATION".......



College life is the best phase of an individual’s life. It is a phase of mixed emotions in which a person faces a new hurdle of life everyday most probably with a solid solution. Shortly saying, during your college life a person develops new skills in various sectors and it builds up that much needed maturity in personality and smartness which an individual should have and also the frankness among new people or exposure to public and the temperament to hold your emotions and just divert them to right direction.


College. The term itself makes one feel mature and sophisticated and also fills one’s heart with pride. College, somebody one said, is the most enjoyable time of one’s life and makes one feel at the peak of his youth. College is the place where one learns the true meaning of life, the joys and sorrows of life, the moments of ecstasy and that of adversity. One always makes one’s true friends in life in college as one always lives in close quarters with one’s college “buddies”. College is a small stream in the river that is life. Just like a child cries even when he gives away something he thinks isn’t important, similarly we too only understand the true value of college after it is completed.

8 RAJADURAI R COLLEGE LIFE College life is has lot of enjoyments. College life is just like a heaven. We can share happy, sad anything with our friends. College life is just like a family. Here everybody loves each other. College life is the mother of love. Lowe flower is blossom in college life. Most of you get his life partner during the college life. College life is life. Just like the god. It gives all think of our life. By Raja durai


COLLEGE LIFE College life is an intermediate between school life and professional life. A boy or a girl who has stepped into college feel that they are matured enough to know more about life. Few are matured in certain things while few are not. Few feel that this is the only time in life which is meant to enjoy and few are concerned about their future.

It is the starting stage of working towards our goals. It is that stage where our emotional feeling comes into consideration when we are ragged by our seniors. Students find enjoyment in bunking classes, chatting with friends.

Hostellers lead more enjoyable life in college than day scholars because they get the opportunity to understand people to a deeper level which in turn gives an impetus to mould their body language, communication skills and attitude which is a must before entering into professional life.

Apart from continuous studies, examinations, assignments, lectures, projects, seminars and interviews we get to know more about life in college and hence mould our lifestyle for a better future.

10 RIJUL SARIN Name: Rijul Sarin Registration no: 11bec0030

College Life

Something that every boy or girl wanted to experience when they were young is college life. And experiencing it right now, I would say it’s a something I would remember a lifetime. Not only because it would decide my future, but also cause the friends I make here would be with me for my whole life. I would learn project work, decision making, team work, which would only help me and help enhancing my skills in professional life. Every moment, starting from getting up early for college, to coming back in the hostel and having fun with my friends, watching movies or playing a game of table tennis, I would miss all this when I would leave this place… but it’s a long journey left!!

11 AASHEESH KUMAR GOYAL Submitted By Aasheesh kumar Goyal Reg No.-11bec0076 College life College life is the best part of almost all of us. Those days are full of joy, vigour, happiness, youth and colors. It is a perfect symbolism for spring. A person can experience all the feelings and emotions during the college life. Those are the days where a student can live his/her life to extreme. Also college life gives a lot of exposure and street knowledge which is a prominent requirement in today’s time. At last I can conclude that college life can transform a boy into a complete man.




College life is the most important part of one’s life. It is the most eagerly awaited part of everyone’s life. It is the stepping stone from childhood to adulthood. It makes you self reliable and makes one realize of his/her responsibilities. It helps a person to adjust to people from other communities, religion and regions. It is the most fun filled part of one’s life. Living without parents, without any restrictions, itself seems as a lot of fun. Those group studying sessions, copying each other’s assignments, attraction to opposite sex, eating outside every other night, breaking rules etc all describe the fun related to college life. The fun factor and the errands attached to it, makes it the most important part of life.

14 ANKIT MANEK College life

College is the part of life which converts an immature teenager to an independent pragmatic man. College is the combination of education ,fun and discovery. The clubs like robotics, dance, art, rocketry, programming are some examples of how fun and knowledge coexist, these activities are highly eyecatching. The day starts with a ‘late good morning’ and ends with late nite jamming .Attending more movies than lectures . Weekend trips to places like bengaluru , Pondicherry etc with friends which leaves you with a hangover for rest of the week . Last minute preparation before exams Words cannot express what college life means to a college student.


15 PRANAV MALIK Pranav Malik 11bec0204 COLLEGE LIFE

It is often said that college is the greatest time of one’s life, however the ideal college lifestyle dissipates quickly once the reality is reached. The world where the biggest worry in life maybe an essay or a lab is left behind and the thought of accomplishing the sought after degrees tends to dominate the minds of the students. Students come to the realization that life is not as easy as they might have hoped for.

16 CHAHAT AHUJAName: Chahat Ahuja Registration no.:11BEC0209

College Life “College Life”!!! What come to your mind when you hear this word? I guess at first thought, the site of groups of boys and girls chilling outside the classrooms, site of students holding guitar and singing some spoofs. In next thought, there may be the site of boys showing off before group of girls and site of celebrations in canteen. In next couple of thoughts, the site of students completing their assignments and some students playing games or just hanging out. Well!! For most of the students, college life is the best part of their life. At this stage, one can nourish their different talents and also for many students, college becomes the place of their first love affairs. At last, when people grow up to their old stage, they find their college life most cherish-able.


The word college itself fills most of the people with cheer and thrill. Thinking that college life is only for fun, most of the students get distracted from studies and take more interest in other activities. But the college life is very important for shaping the life of an individual. Though there should be enjoyment in life, but most of the students want to enjoy most of the time without doing any effort or hard work. College life is also important in other terms like people from different cultures and from different parts of the nation become good friends. Moreover college life plays a big role in transformation of a boy to a man. And the most important thing that the college life helps some individuals to pursue their dreams….

BY- Mohit Kakkar REG. No. – 11BEC0260

18 SANDESH GARGName: Sandesh Garg Reg. No.: 11bec0263

College Life

College life is the most ‘unique’ or ‘different’ part of one’s life. It is the time when a person is no more a teenager, nor is an adult. It is a part of life where an individual gives a final touch to his/her own personality. It is the time of life where an individual experiences the real world and is released from the shelter of their parents/guardians. Well, all this was the ideal or philosophical stuff regarding college life, but it is the time when an individual gets out of his mind and tries everything he fantasized. It is the period when we literally dream things out of the world and at times, in future, we make them real, bringing us success and prosperity. The only misconception in our mind, or rather the misconception installed in our minds during our school days are that we do not have to study or that we can bunk as many classes as we want. It could be concluded by saying that it is the craziest and totally fun filled section of life. And lastly, as I said it is the most ‘unique’ and ‘different’ part of life, you may strike something valuable along the line of time which would remain with you the whole life, helping you out and giving you happiness.


College life is the intermediate between the school life and professional life.It is the part of life which every teenager dreams of living from his childhood. It the combination of education, fun, & discovery.thinking of the hostel life brings excitement from within.Hostelers lead more enjoyable life than day scholers as they get to know there frnd to a much deeper level which inturn gives impetus to mould there body language and helps in enhanching there communication skills which is important for professional life. It converts an ammature teenager to an independent man.The clubs like robotics, dance, art, computer are eye catching. The day starts with a late good morning & ends with late night chatting & jamming. Attending movies more than lectures. Trips to places like bengluru,puduchery, and many hill stations leaves a hangover for next 2 days or so.But apart from this fun there is another much important side of this college life,studies.

20 ROHIT PRASANNA SRIRohit Prasanna Sri, 11BEC0278.


Hopes, aspiration and the sweet nothings. This would pretty much sum up ‘College Life’. The transformation from a kid/teen to a responsible adult is the magic that a college brings about. The lessons that college gives a student is not just limited to books as in schools. It widens into broad spectrum which are pivoted for the years to come. The word ‘college’ does ring a bell in the minds of every person who stepped into college. Such is the fun and the memories that it gives. The bottom line that college life determines not only what you are, but also who you become!

21 UTKARSH SINGH COLLEGE LIFE Most of us might have forgotten our first day in school,when our parents were giving us a chocolate saying that we are going to a fairy land to play and some kisses from our mamma consoling us.But of course that wasn’t the case when we were about to join our college.Before joining the college there was a lot excitement in us driving us crazy as we were about to start a new life altogether.It’s a place where we become a complete professional learning about almost everything.Usually the four years pass in full enjoyment with certain ups and downs.We do face certain difficulties during examinations and learn to face and come out of it successfully.And enjoying with friends and bunking lectures are something normal.I just hope that I have a blast in the coming four years of my college life and become a qualified engineer with a good high paid job.



23 AKSHAT RAJVANSHIName:-Akshat Rajvanshi Registration no. : - 11bec0338

College Days

Each phase in a persons life brings some typical or untypical changes, but most dramatic & life affecting ones are brought by college life. It permanently moulds the structure of a person, gifting him with life long friends, a sense of self dependence, realization of responsibility and even at times “love”. Living away from home, college life teaches us how to extend our arms to our friends converting them to extended family. As much as college life gives us a chance to grow, it gives us a trap to fall. So best of luck!



I am having my college life in VIT, one of the most hot and happening college of India. I have got so many labs to do experiments, so many new faces to make friends, So many co-curricular activities to do, I am exploring my new life with full enthusiasm and zeal.

I got 3 canteens to try delicious food ,got my room mate who's busy with the old songs, all this makes my college life full of suspense and excitement to come upon.