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Employer:Raumati beach school
Nationality:New Zealand
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I am a primary school teacher working with Year 5 & 6 - 9,10,11 year olds. I have been teaching for about 14 years. I have started a wiki in my classroom and a blog. I have 4 computers in a room next to my classroom and potentially another 4 i share with the teacher next door. I have a mimio board in my room which i love using and am trying to get the students to use it more and more so they can show others how to solve problems. I am very interested in using technology in my classroom and am always striving to incorporate it into our learning in a meaningful way.


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I taught in Singapore last year and always enjoy tripping around places when I can.


web 2.0 tools



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Class wiki

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Jo Fothergill

Bruce Henderson

The eXe User Manual

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My sandbox

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