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  • hi i'm a student at Warrington school!
  • i really enjoy making movies using a free video editor program on edubuntu called kino!

at the moment i'm trying to find out how to use kartura on wikieducator so look out for my videos on the Warrington school homepage!

  • MY GOAL is to upload a digital camera movie on to the Warrington school homepage by the end of the year! {or term!}
  • wish me luck xoxo andu

* I'd also like you to know that i am a enormous twilight fan and if you are to you rule!!!!

  • guess what i have now gotten my own UBUNTU computer to work on my movies at home with!!!!
  • and now I've realized mrp has given me one of the poorest computers so that if i can get kino on that then i can get kino on anything
  • I STILL HAVENT GOTTEN kino up on my comp @ home but im sure ill get it soon...
  • i have now found out how 2 get movies on to the wiki through youtube! so you can see my vids on their 2 soon...
  • p.s this is a very long process and if it takes awhile im sorry! it's fun though!
  • ugh! i am soooooo annoyed!!!!! how on earth do you get a PICTURE on this??? anyone???? guess i'll have to find out myself.
  • today you will see the unseen on this page for i andupinky is going to upload a video on to here using kartura!!!!yay yay yay!!!!
  • you can see some of my vids on youtube they are very unknown!!wahhh one is called.... fall down on the ground please watch them!!!

  • uh you know how it says DO NOT SUBMIT COPYRIGHTED WORK WITHOUT PERMISSION!well i was thinking you know how twilight is copyrighted... well I've been talking about it on here which i bet is illegal! agghhhhh I'm an illegal person!!!!

--Andupinky 22:49, 1 November 2009 (UTC)andrea

My practice page

right there is no vid i am sorry

now for the important stuff...


  • sorry but as you can see i really enjoy mucking around on here .twilight i blame you.
  • so now i have to do seriousstuff

where is a text box