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Hello World

My name is Amy Lam from Vietnam. I am married, and my husband is Keith, from China. And We have three children; a twenty, a seven, and a four. Keith and I met each other at Vic-High School. He graduated High School a year before me. Since that, we did not see each other for almost three years. After that we met again at the Rec Center played badminton. After that, we start dating two years later we got married. I am a full time mom and a part time student. I have been here for 15 years. And I have been working a few jobs; I worked in the Restaurant as a waitress, in the hotel as a room service and a room attendant. And my husband is an auto painter for sixteen years.

When I first came to Canada my English is very poor and now my English is much better. Thank you for the ESL program that helps me a lot.

My interest was, I like to play around with the numbers; last fall I got the accounting level one certificate. In this year I did my own income tax return'. In the future, I want to contribute some of my time to the community. Ex; like helping the little kids to read story books, or helping the senior to do the tax return.

April 2009 I volunteer in a elementary school in my community to helping children to read story book.

What is the problem with computer viruses?

What is the problem with computer viruses

How would you know you had one?

What are some ways to detect and remove them?

What are some other related problems that can affect your computer? Look up malware and provide a definition of that.

1, It may not working probably or it may running slow. That is the kind of the signal means the computer is in Virus.

2, How would I know if I have one? Maybe when I am working on the file it may jam or the computer or lose the page. the file could be damage.

3, One way is to buy the anti-virus program for detect your computer, or the other way is to down load the program online is free. And when you think that your computer is in virus. Do the scan on your computer and it will tell you where it is and what you need to do. If you unlucky have one do not panic, all you need have to do is do the scan run and you can remove it to the quantity or delete it.

4, What are some problems are affect the computer? It could be some download program without the owner's agreement, or maybe from the floppy disk. Malware, is a program that of portmanteau from the words malicious and software, designed to infiltrate or damage computer system without a computer professionals to informs.

What is a computer operating system?

The computer operating system is basically is the instructor show you how to get there and where you want to go. There is the help window always available if you have question.

The operating system include Windows, there is most popular window system are; window 97, window 98, window millenium (2000), and window 2007.

The computer operating system is basically a piece of the equipment, the people who created the net work to connect that from one place to other without to traveling from place to place. Normally use from the Government office at the very beginning. But later on the net work getting more common for the business people to use, and until now everyone can afford to use that. If even you can not afford to own one of the computer but you still can use it at the Library, Coffee Shop, or in the Mall at the Customer Service Counter.

The most popular windows I know is the window 2007. The latest window right now is the OS (Windows Vista). But there are more windows coming to the market, today our technology is very powerful and there be another coming is Window 7.

Linux operating system that is the most commonly use for the student in this day. That helps to receive the information and take note instead of caring the big file of book or paper. Student can also online check information and download music, game and so on. This is one very helpful that is the for the international students. They did not have the place to settle for long term and they also can have connected with their teachers.