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Law Course-Public International Law

Self Check- 9 Modules, 70 Lectures

Quiz- Who opined 'international law is a vanishing point of jurisprudence'?

Activity- Case Study - Fragmentation of International Law- A Case study of WTO Law

Sample of Term End- What importance custom plays as a source of international law? What are essential ingredients of custom to be treated as a source of international law? Define the status of customary international law in view of the few landmark ICJ judgements.

Assessment Break ups- Continuous Assessment Tests- 30% Project- 20% End Term- 50 %

Reason- The above break up is a rational and balanced mechanism to assess a comprehensive assessment of a student in the subject. CA tests the student's grasping capacity and understanding of the concepts in the subject. Project is necessary to offer them an opportunity to work on specific areas in the subject. End term exam with 50% weightage is appropriate allocation to me.

Faculty- Amit Singh