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My favourite stories

Let's be child again!

I hope like me you also like to read chandamama. Visit: Chandamama site

Shelly's Poem

'To Suffer woes which Hope thinks infinite;

To forget wrongs darker than death or night;

To defy Power, which seems omnipotent;

To love, and bear; to hope till Hope creates

From its own wreck the thing it contemplates...'

'True love in this differs from gold and clay,

That to divide is not to take away...

I never was attached to that great sect

Whose doctrine is, that each one should select

Out of the crowd, a mistress or a friend

And all the rest, though fair and wise, commend

To cold oblivion...'

Matthew Arnold

'For rigorous teachers seized his youth
And purged its faith, and trimmed its fire,
Showed him the high white star of Truth,
There bade him gaze, and there aspire;
Even now their whispers pierce the gloom:
What dost thou in this living tomb?'


There are indeed but very few who know how to be idle and innocent, or have a relish of any pleasures that are not criminal.

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