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I am Dr. Onyemaechi Okpara Azu, Senior Lecturer in the Discipline of Clinical Anatomy, Nelson R Mandela School of Medicine, University of KwaZulu-Natal. I am involved in the teaching of undergraduate medical students as well as other allied health sciences and postgraduate students in the discipline. I supervise postgraduate Masters in Medical Science as well as doctoral candidates in anatomy and in collaboration with other clinical disciplines of surgery, psychiatry, physiology etc.

Research interests

My areas of research interest focuses on reproductive anatomy with specific interest in testicular histomorphometry and andrology. I am also involved in medical education to create alternative platform for additional anatomical resources to augment cadaveric material shortage.I belong to several professional organisations including the Anatomical Society of Southern Africa, Anatomical Society of Great Britain and Ireland, Endocrine Society of Nigeria, International Society of Plastination amongst others. I serve as expert review panel for many peer review discipline specific journals and have published in the areas of testicular histomorphology and stereology, anatomical education.

Histological section of human testicular tissue x100


My hobbies are

  1. football,
  2. badminton,
  3. swimming and
  4. travelling.

I have been involved and presented at many international conferences in Germany, America as well as African countries (Namibia, South Africa, Nigeria) in the field of anatomy.

My friends

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Zenkosi, User:Zenkosi
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