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This is my sandbox where I can play and learn and make mistakes and learn some more ...

Right now I am learning to format text with bold and italics

Media Files

Here is an MP3 test recording

testing, testing 1-2-3

Here is a pdf file

The COL Logic Model


Here's a picture I found on WE which has just been uploaded by my colleague David Leeming in Solomon Islands. This is a picture from his olpc workshop in Tuvalu ... cool! I need to find out how to make pictures smaller though. OLPCTuvalu.jpg

uploading my own files

now I can upload pictures from my own computer. Here is the logo from a project I worked on at UK OU.



with a click of a button, I can make a level 2 heading. I've noticed soehting interesting - each heading is associated with its own edit button so I don't have to open the whole page for editing. Here's how to do bullet lists:

  • red
    • pink
  • green
    • lime
  • blue
    • turquoise

and now numbers:

  1. blog
  2. podcast
  3. discussion forum

Level 3

But if I want a level 3 heading - I have to do it manually!

This is Level 1 heading

easy enough!

Now I have to link to another wiki page like this

My podcast list

or you can do it like this

next page

Now I am linking to an external website

my learning blog

If I am linking to an external resource as a citation in an article then I can do it like this to make the link a number:

The Kirkpatrick model of training evaluation

The four levels of Kirkpatrick's evaluation model essentially measure:

  • reaction of student - what they thought and felt about the training
  • learning - the resulting increase in knowledge or capability
  • behaviour - extent of behaviour and capability improvement and implementation/application
  • results - the effects on the business or environment resulting from the trainee's performance [1]
Interwiki links

here is a link to the Wikipedia page on Kirkpatrick
Wikipedia Kirkpatrick